Subject of UK fraud probe picked to oversee Kay & Barry’s beloved ObamaCare



We’ve been trying to tell people what a Charlie-Foxtrot ObamaCare was going to be for our economy and our country.  Kay Hagan, Barry Obama and their followers told us to sit down and shut up.  (Elections have consequences, they said.  We won, they said.)
States began balking at taking on these health care exchanges that were supposedly so key to ObamaCare’s implementation.  The feds were offering up cash, but there was no guarantee that the states weren’t going to be stuck with a huge bill, after two years, in perpetuity.

Barry & Kay heard from some angry corporate contributors who finally were realizing the danger this fiasco posed to their bottom line.  So, Barry decided to postpone the employer mandate portion of the law.   Kay Hagan (D-NC) — affectionately known in some corridors as Senator Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet — cheered Barry’s decision.  She told us how problematic the mandate is for businesses, but she was singing a different tune when it passed in 2009.

Now comes word that the group Barry Obama selected to oversee implementation of his pet monster is in trouble in the UK for reportedly overcharging taxpayers.

Tell us again, Kay, how this ObamaCare stuff is going to be good for us.