Tuesday-morning quarterback: The tax “deal” in Raleigh





Well, Civitas has signed off on it:

“The tax reform plan will cut personal taxes and simplify taxes for every North Carolinian who works,” said Civitas President Francis X. De Luca. “The reductions in corporate income taxes will help make North Carolina more attractive to new businesses and make current businesses more productive. Overall this tax reform means more jobs, higher incomes and a more competitive economy — and that will benefit everyone in our great state.”

The fears and concerns about the impending ObamaCare disaster will still be a drag on business expansion and hiring. 

 This deal is a far cry from what Civitas was calling for on this site.  The Senate had stood strong on trimming taxes and cutting government. Today, the Senate approved a much-more watered down bill favored by Team Tillis and the McCrory administration.   

Gov. Pat had balked at earlier, more conservative proposals put forth by the Senate, saying that he needed to be sure that there would be enough revenue to pay for the things that state government needed to pay for. Yet, this week, we had McCrory, Tillis, and Berger this week touting a tax bill.  The legislature has yet to pass a budget.  How does Gov. Pat KNOW that this tax bill gives him enough revenue if a budget has not been passed? 

It’s nice that tax rates are being adjusted downward.  But if the GOP majority in the legislature doesn’t seriously trim the size and scope of state government, this tax “deal” is irrelevant.  The spending craze will just pile onto our current debt. Gov. Pat’s proposed budget is $400 million higher than Bev Perdue’s final budget.  

Wait until the HOT lanes and toll roads get put into place.  The savings you get from this tax “deal” will be laundered right back to the state coffers during each workday commute.

Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina will STILL have a lower tax burden and will likely continue to keep receiving tax refugees from The Tar Heel State.

The conservative revolution in Raleigh needs to show us they are serious about cutting back spending and the size of government.  Why is there still an ABC or an ALE?  Why is there still a Human Relations Commission, or a Latino Affairs Commission?  Why is there still a Youth Advocacy Office or Commission on Women? 

It appears that politics won out again over principle.  Republicans in Raleigh appear to be more interested in making Gov. Pat look good than in standing by principles — the party platform — that swept them into power in 2010 and 2012.

We weren’t looking for slightly more efficient bureaucracy.We were looking — and are still looking — for profiles in courage to scale back this leviathan that is weighing our state and economy down, and threatening our children’s future.