Sources: New congressional maps to stand

imagesI am hearing that we will get word today or early next week that the new congressional districts in North Carolina HAVE BEEN blessed by the federal judges who struck down the current configuration of the districts.

The new set of maps creates 13 nicer, neater more compact districts for the Tar Heel state.  It also brings about radical changes for at least FOUR existing districts and their US House representatives:  Alma Adams (D-12), Robert Pittenger (R-9), George Holding (R-13) and Renee Ellmers (R-2).  The new district configuration puts the districts represented by Adams and Holding roughly 100 miles away from the legislators’s residences.  Adams has indicated she will move from Greensboro to Charlotte so she can run for reelection to her seat.

Pittenger’s new district takes him from parts of Mecklenburg County all the way along the border with South Carolina to the Fayetteville area. His current district is pretty well contained to the Charlotte area.

Holding now lives in the 4th district which is represented by David Price (D).  Holding has indicated he will primary Ellmers in the new 2nd district — which includes many of the communities Holding represented prior to this re-map.

13 thoughts on “Sources: New congressional maps to stand

  1. This is a good news/bad news scenario. As a District 2 resident, I was anxious to cast my vote for Jim Duncan. What happens to him now!?!? He probably would not challenge Holding who will easily defeat NeeNee. All those countless days of campaigning, fund raising, mobilizing volunteers – such a shame. Jim is a true Patriot, hopefully there is a District for him to run in – he would be an awesome Congressman.

  2. Jim Duncan is now in District 6, which is also in need of a genuine conservative. Hopefully, he will run there.

    1. Not in need. A real conservative is challenging Walker. Do we really want to split the anti-Walker vote?

    2. I hope Duncan stays with the 2nd. If he doesn’t I’ll sit this one out. I’m already not voting for Burr. I can see that senate seat going dem.

  3. Here’s to hoping the RINO George Holding will become the conservative he pretends to be. So far, we have seen nothing but more socialism from George even though he pretends to want to cut,cut, cut, federal spending. George should sponsor a masquerade ball in DC and take Ms. Maxine Waters ad his date. The GOP is as fake as professional wrestling.

  4. How can a GOP Congressional District chairman who does not live in the district, or maybe even close to it, properly engage with our congressional campaigns for November? Why did we not use the upcoming congressional district conventions to reorganize along the new lines? Isn’t it true that about half the GOP district chairmen now do not even live in their new districts? Did these people excuse themselves from voting to continue to operate under the defunct district lines or did they self-servingly vote their own personal interest to keep themselves in power even though it is terribly inefficient for the campaigns? Shouldn’t it be the Executive Committee making that decision instead of the Central Committe, since so many on the Central Committee have a huge personal conflict of interest on that issue?

    Maybe the Executive Committee can revisit that issue at the meeting that is traditionally held Sunday after the convention, but by then we will lose the efficiency we would have had to handle it in this year’s regular district conventions.

    Sadly, many are putting their egos ahead of our candidates.

    1. If we move to the new district maps now, the entire Executive Committee would also be replaced, as they were elected under the old maps as well. The allocated number of Executive At Large members per district would also change.

      1. Well, no. The at-large members of the state executive committee would indeed come up for elections again, but not the county chairmen and vice chairman and other members of the state executive committee. To set the party up efficiently for the upcoming congressional elections, that needs to be done. Most of them who have been active would likely return, anyway, but for district campaign purposes, in the proper districts.

      2. As poorly as the NCGOP is being run, this would be a good idea. Just scrap everyone, chair and vice chair, cc and ec. Fire the Ed and all the staff, Hold new elections and start over from scratch.

        To use a golf term, call a mulligan.

        1. And while you’re at it … alter the POO to elect ExecComm members from county convention, so that they’re no longer based on a “buddy slate” of the district chairmen.

  5. Can anyone explain to me how the NC House and Senate districts don’t have to change as well with the redrawing of the US House districts? I’d love to be drawn out of Frank Iler the RINO’s district and/or Senator (useless and MIA) Bill Rabon’s district.

    1. The lawsuit focused only on congressional districts. However, there is another lawsuit pending with respect to the NC state legislative districts so stay tuned.

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