Source: Chatham GOP’s Duncan eyeing primary bid against Ellmers


I spoke with a well-placed Tea Party activist based in The Second Congressional District who confirmed for me what has been one of the region’s worst kept secrets for some time:  Renee Ellmers is getting a primary opponent.

My source tells me that Jim Duncan, chairman of the Chatham County Republican Party, is in the process of forming an exploratory committee for a run for The Second Congressional District’s seat in the US House of Representatives:

”Jim Duncan is an amazing story.  If you ask people who know him, the first word that he brings to mind is authentic.  What you see is what you get.   He doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines and watch the country slide into 100 years of darkness.  He’s talked about this whole idea of running as a calling — an act of service. I honestly think he’s exactly what the folks who got so frustrated with Washington in 2009 and 2010 are looking for.”

Duncan is a retired senior executive with an international computer leasing and disaster recovery firm.  He helped lead the company’s sales efforts in the Eastern United States and Europe.  In his retirement years, he was a key player in helping the GOP take over the Chatham County board of commissioners ( for the first time in aeons).  He was elected chairman of the Chatham County GOP in 2011 — giving him a platform to knock heads with Randy Voller, the county’s Democrat Party chairman and current North Carolina Democrat Party chairman.  Duncan is also a founding member of the North Carolina-based Coalition for American Principles.

My source tells me Duncan has received encouragement from Tea Party-affiliated organizations and individuals at the national, state, and local levels.  More from my source:

“The idea of pleasing Eric Cantor and John Boehner is not even on Jim’s radar screen.  He’s all about carrying the concerns of his friends and neighbors here in North Carolina to the halls of Congress, and being a passionate advocate for those concerns.”

The Second District is overwhelmingly Republican.  So, everything gets settled in the May primary.  My source tells me to expect a formal filing of paperwork for the exploratory committee AND an official kickoff announcement before the end of September. With the US Senate primary – and THIS — the run up to May looks like its going to be FUN.


9 thoughts on “Source: Chatham GOP’s Duncan eyeing primary bid against Ellmers

  1. Great news! We need to all get behind Duncan. He sounds like the real deal after that useless leadership brownnoser Renee Ellmers. Where do we send a check to help bring Renee back home?


  3. This is very good news – Duncan is the best choice by far. Ellmers was far better than Etheridge, and we thank her for stepping up when she did it was a huge improvement. But Duncan is in a whole different class, he will be able to hold the line on spending instead of passing these continuing resolutions which lock in Obama’s extreme spending levels. Duncan knows how to say the word NO, he can also say the word CUT – he’s the real deal.

    1. Adam, I am a board member of CAP. I can assure you that Jim Duncan is vehemently opposed to Common Core and has been very active in working to get it delayed or eliminated in NC. Also, outside of all of the other problems with Common Core, and there are many, the notion that the Federal Government will regularly collect significant and detailed information about our children is a complete non-starter.

      We believe that this was some research on common core which mistakenly was posted to the website, we are looking in to it – it doesn’t reflect the views of our members, and certainly is not Jim’s view.

      By the way, one of our members is Dan Forrest – if that gives you any indication about how we, and Jim feels about Common Core.

  4. No Way. Jim Duncan’s a good friend and I know his views about a lot of topics, including Common Core. No way he’s a supporter of Common Core. The referenced CAP of North Carolina (Coalition of American Principles) article does not suggest support for Common Core – writer Adam Love is mistaken on that. The paper, and others in the CAP reference library, presents some information. Is is not exhaustive.


  5. I saw it all today on a truck in front of me at a red light. A Renee Elmers bumper sticker torn down the middle with just enough of her name left to know who it was. Sign me up for JIm Duncan,

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