Selectively protesting preachers

Well, the sore loser crowd is at it again.  Once again, the folks on the losing end of the marriage amendment vote are in The N&O  whining about a sermon by some preacher no one outside of his town has heard of.

Shortly before the May primary, a Baptist preacher in Fayetteville got raked over the coals for his comments during a sermon.  a handful of granolas protested outside the church on a Sunday.  (According to the story, church staff received threatening emails and phone calls.  Gotta LOVE that ‘tolerance’ crowd.) 

Meanwhile, we’re told that Barry Obama’s spiritual leader, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is OFF LIMITS. We’re also told that THIS GUY — another Obama ally and “spiritual leader”–  is OK.

Rev. Al Sharpton — you KNOW his history — is viewed as a respected leader of the black community and has his own TV show on MSNBC.

Despite what they say, leftists are not about producing a LOVE-filled society.  They are all about shoving their socialist “gospel” down our throats, and stomping out the last vestiges of what American society views as mainstream and normal.

Leftists view government as THE GOD to worship.  They see mainstream religion as a threat to their goal of making government our society’s ONE and ONLY deity.  

And if you don’t see it THEIR WAY, you are a bigot and need to be SHUT UP and SHUT DOWN.