Eastern NC Tea Partiers hunting RINOs, slapping Morgan & NCGOP





Over on The Outer Banks, we’ve got YET another case of NCGOP trying to force one of their handpicked cronies down the throats of voters.  Truth or Dare, a conservative blog based in The Outer Banks, has the details on a state House race that has Tea Partiers in that area teed-off:

Truth or Dare has learned that Ashley Woolard and Bill Tarpenning have signed on to manage the campaign of long-time Democrat loyalist Arthur Williams.  Woolard is the former Chair of the Beaufort County Republican Party, a former Republican candidate for Congress and the newly-elected Republican Presidential Elector from North Carolina’s 3rd District.  News of the announcement stunned party members and activists across eastern North Carolina, many of whom voted for Woolard to represent them at the Electoral College in the upcoming Presidential election and who now feel betrayed.

Williams, who served four terms in the General Assembly, was a lifelong Democrat who switched parties in 2011 and is now running as a Republican for the NC-6 House seat.  Williams is up against GOP stalwart Mattie Lawson of Dare County in the race.  Lawson is popular in Republican circles for her steadfast support of conservative values and her dedicated work on behalf of the Republican Party.  Lawson bested Williams and a third challenger, Jeremy Adams, in the primary on May 8th but did not earn enough votes to avoid a runoff.   Lawson and Williams are set to face each other in the July 17th runoff election.

If you know anybody registered to vote in that neck of the woods, sell them on Lawson.  Read on: 

Williams’ party-switch in 2011 angered local Republicans who quickly saw through the charade.  It was clear from the outset that Williams had an agenda and that he was being encouraged by Republican Party leaders in Raleigh to make the switch and run for office, as Truth or Dare reported last fall.  Local activists know Williams’ record as a Democrat party-man who was good at taking orders, who voted in lockstep with the Democrat Party and who earned a Conservative Effectiveness Rating of  “F” as scored by Civitas. Williams never was, and is not now, a conservative by any definition.  Activists here resent the intrusion of party leaders in Raleigh into their local affairs and have pushed back hard against Williams.  They view Williams as a tool of the leadership and someone who will vote the way the leadership tells him to vote, not according to any conservative convictions of his own and not with the best interests of eastern North Carolina in mind.  […]

The folks at Truth or Dare are ALSO worked up over a certain RINO that we, here in Moore County, are quite familiar with:  SpeakerrrrrRichardMorgan™ :

The coastal communities have been sponging off the rest of the state, according to Republican Insurance Commissioner candidate Richard Morgan.   Morgan says that the nice folks in Raleigh and Charlotte have been subsidizing our insurance premiums.  According to his Facebook page, Richard Morgan believes,

“It’s not right for the state to require homeowners in Raleigh, Charlotte and across North Carolina to pay higher insurance premiums so people who own at risk beach front property pay less”


If you want an Insurance Commissioner who will pit the coast against the rest of the state, vote for RINO Richard Morgan on July 17th.  If you think we are not paying enough for insurance on the coast, vote for RINO Richard Morgan on July 17th.If you think we are not subsidizing the rest of the state but rather that they are subsidizing us, vote for RINO Richard Morgan on July 17th.  If you want a  power-hungry, unqualified, Jim Black crony as Insurance Commissioner, vote for RINO Richard Morgan on July 17th.

If you want a true conservative that understands the insurance problem in North Carolina, then vote for Republican Mike Causey on July 17th.  Mike Causey started his campaign here in Dare County on the steps of the Justice Center in Manteo.  Mike Causey has 30 years experience in the insurance industry and recognizes that the problem is not that the coastal communities are not paying their fair share.  The problem is our monopolistic system and the corrupt bureaucrats who operate it.

Wow.  Ticking people off from Murphy to Manteo.  That’s OUR Richard.