SEIU, SEANC breaking ranks over “Moral Monday” circus?





The useful idiots at McClatchy and WRAL are breaking their necks to paint Bill Barber’s lefty fruitcake convention at the legislative building as the moral equivalent of Rosa Parks, James Meredith and MLK crusading for civil rights in the 1960s.  The conservative blogosphere — and state GOP leaders — have been pointing out that “Moral Monday” is little more than George Soros – SEIU astroturfing.  WRAL took Gov. Pat to task for suggesting as much.

However, State Employees Association of North Carolina executive director Dana Cope is taking to Twitter to criticize the antics of Bill Barber and SEIU  (Cope’s organization’s parent):



Interesting.  Notice how the mainstream media has played down the SEIU angle here? Why aren’t these statements from Cope NEWS ????  There’s more from the SEANC head honcho:




Amazing.  McClatchy & WRAL — with their millions of dollars in resources — can’t (most likely don’t want to ) find this stuff. But small, one-man blogs with shoestring budgets can dig it out and lay it out there for the people.   There’s a little more:


Cope took some heat from fellow lefties for voicing his opinion, but stood strong and returned fire:





6 thoughts on “SEIU, SEANC breaking ranks over “Moral Monday” circus?

  1. Seems to me that the process is divide and conquer, which is what NCGA did to NCAE and SEANC last time around. Sad that Cope seems to believe that our protests are based on the influences of those outside the state. Moreover as a faith leader born and raised in NC, and educated in public schools in NC, I have a vested interest in the loathsome legislation that has come out so far, and with a daughter in public school, a vested interest in her future.

    1. Do you have a vested interest in loathsome Marxist tactics used by these lawbreaking thugs? Do you fear Voter ID because it means you lefties will have a harder time cheating in future elections? If so, go cry on ACORN’s shoulder!

      1. Since when did peacefully protesting against legislation which is going to cut healthcare, education funding, and environmental protection become “loathsome Marxist tactics”? Have you been to a Moral Monday protest? I have, AFTER Sen. Goolsby’s rant infuriated me. I probably would not have noticed the protests otherwise. You and those like you who apparently think discussing differences means throwing insults and namecalling are doing a great job of increasing awareness of the situation. Thank you.

    2. If you want to see who split teachers and state employees look no further than Jim Hunt and his democrat cronies. Of course NCAE lobbyists who cared nothing at all about any benefit but the salary increases for teachers over the last 20 years sped the process along. SEANC may have an SEIU affiliation, but other lobbyists for years have seen Dana Cope and his staff have to be at the forefront fighting for retirement and health care for state employees and retirees. Look up a few things “Rev”…why was SEANC the only ones to take the state of NC to court over the Bailey case, so that retirees wouldn’t have to pay state taxes as they had been promised??? Why were they the only ones to sue Easley when he withheld retirement funds???

      But most importantly, please, please, someone in the religious community explain to me why when conservatives are against gay marriage, abortion, etc based on religious beliefs, then they are told not to impose their values on others. But when clergy complain about tax dollars not being spent, they are courageous?? Do you want separation of church and state all of the time, or some of the time? How many of the good clergy are willing for their churches to give up their tax exemptions so they can pay taxes and let the government take care of the poor…since most religions spend more on buildings than on helping the poor now.

      (…climbing down off soapbox…)

  2. Becoming a increasingly growing burden on the citizens and taxpayers. No one is even listening to the message you all think you have. Pathetic. The Police should surround the entire group, place EVERYONE under arrest and increase the fines and bail twofold for the repeaters. After a while the money pot will run dry, they will not have the funds to do this. Perhaps they will even learn a bigger lesson on current economics if that happens. THE MONEY POT WILL RUN DRY.
    And “Rev Carl” I have a vested interest in NC as well. Born and raised, raising my own who are in the NCPSS. This HAS to stop – NC Common Core is out next!!! (obamacore) Subtle indoctrination at its finest…try it on someone else!

  3. Great article. Dana gets it. But I especially enjoyed the accompanying photo for constipation awareness….

    And Carl, Carl….Give back to Ceasar what is Ceasars and give to God what is God’s. In other words, not feeling the Love bro…

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