SEIU, SEANC breaking ranks over “Moral Monday” circus?





The useful idiots at McClatchy and WRAL are breaking their necks to paint Bill Barber’s lefty fruitcake convention at the legislative building as the moral equivalent of Rosa Parks, James Meredith and MLK crusading for civil rights in the 1960s.  The conservative blogosphere — and state GOP leaders — have been pointing out that “Moral Monday” is little more than George Soros – SEIU astroturfing.  WRAL took Gov. Pat to task for suggesting as much.

However, State Employees Association of North Carolina executive director Dana Cope is taking to Twitter to criticize the antics of Bill Barber and SEIU  (Cope’s organization’s parent):



Interesting.  Notice how the mainstream media has played down the SEIU angle here? Why aren’t these statements from Cope NEWS ????  There’s more from the SEANC head honcho:




Amazing.  McClatchy & WRAL — with their millions of dollars in resources — can’t (most likely don’t want to ) find this stuff. But small, one-man blogs with shoestring budgets can dig it out and lay it out there for the people.   There’s a little more:


Cope took some heat from fellow lefties for voicing his opinion, but stood strong and returned fire: