Tillis inspired by Obama to practice The Limbaugh Theorem?

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McClatchy-Raleigh published a cutesy little item today about how Thom Tillis is not going to shave until the doggone legislative session ends.  (Seriously.) :

WHAT’S NEXT? BEARDED LADIES? Speaker Thom Tillis announced Sunday that he had stopped shaving and didn’t intend to start again until the session was over. The “Beard Caucus” apparently met on Sunday (surely just a break from the hard task of finalizing the state budget) and came up with the ground rules: “Neck trims, face trims, etc. are allowed but a beard is required to be compliant. Goatees, mustaches and big sideburns will not be considered compliant.” The Speaker did not indicate if the beard caucus was bipartisan or how the women of the House felt about the fun and games.

Hmmm.  It’s just like the new castrati girlie-men at McClatchy to toss “sexism” into the mix here.  (Is female facial hair par for the course in the ever-shrinking McClatchy newsroom? Enquiring minds want to know.)

If  Thom Tillis grows a beard — how will anyone tell him apart from Phil Berger?  (Poor Martin Nesbitt.  I can just see his head spinning now.) 

El Rushbo came up with “The Limbaugh Theorem” to explain Big Barry’s strategy of campaigning against “those folks in Washington” like he hasn’t been part of it for the last SEVEN YEARS (elected to the Senate in 2006).

Tholl Road Thom practiced a little of what Barry has been preaching in a recent Facebook post:


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Time to complete the people’s business????
  This sounds like a police officer saying something like “Gosh, I wish someone would do something about all of these rapists, robbers, drug dealers and murderers.”

Who’s in charge here, “Senator”?  You set the calendar.  You make the call on what gets to the floor, when it gets to the floor, and what goes away.  According to the legislature’s web site, there is “no statutory nor constitutional requirement” for when the session must end.   It would appear that ol’ Thom has a big say in when this thing shuts down.  

There are still plenty of important things to get done.  Mr. Tholl Road needs to show a little leadership to get that stuff knocked out in a timely manner.  Most of us would rather see him step up and take responsibility than to partake in silly PR gimmicks.  

4 thoughts on “Tillis inspired by Obama to practice The Limbaugh Theorem?

  1. He doesn’t have to shave to inject humor in the General Assembly. There are enough comedians like Goolsby and Berger with their tirades.
    Christie 2016 !!!

  2. What a silly gimmick! It is something one would expect from a shallow opportunist politician like Tillis. I hope his primary opponents get some good photos of a bearded Tillis as they may have some good campaign uses later.

    I have heard the story of a Democrat Senator who grew a rather scraggly ”bicentennial beard” in 1976 that made him look like a bum. It was a two seat district with two Democrat incumbents and one Republican challenger running in 1978. The GOP challenger ran newspaper ads just before the election with photos of all three and the caption ”Two of these men will be your State Senators” and of course using the bicentenial beard photo in the mix. The beard incumbent lost.

  3. tillis is one of the ringleaders of the GA Mafia. They no only dont care what hundreds of protesters have to say, they dont care what their constituents have to say either.

    1. As to the protesters, who cares what lawbreakering Marxists led by Reverend Two Ton want? They are nothing but a freak show, bolstered by professional agitators from out of state.

      The more serious problem is whose tune Tillis dances to, and that is the special interests.. Whether it is supporting drivers licences for illegals, otherwise pandering to illegals, protecting legislation that raises electric rates, or watering down the Voter ID bill, Tillis is all for the special interests and cares nothing about NC citizens. The sooner he is gone from NC politics the better.

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