Renee Ellmers: The gift that keeps on giving

Renee EllmersShe can melt down on national radio.  She can scream at her constituents.  She can ignore and avoid a good chunk of her district.  But, somehow — despite violating all of the basic rules of politics and elected office —  Renee Ellmers keeps getting back to DC.  By the time the dust settles in November, Clay Aiken may be feeling a lot like Mike Dukakis (played by John Lovitz) in this classic SNL skit. 

Ol’ Renee has made a big deal out of leading the fight to make the GOP more female-friendly.  She’s told us how MEN have screwed up everything in this country.  Miss Harnett County has positioned herself as being all about ‘girl power.’  And then she opens her mouth and says something like this: 

[…] Then came the bashing of both genders, courtesy of Ellmers.

“Men do tend to talk about things on a much higher level,” Ellmers said. “Many of my male colleagues, when they go to the House floor, you know, they’ve got some pie chart or graph behind them and they’re talking about trillions of dollars and how, you know, the debt is awful and, you know, we all agree with that.

First she’s saying that men (perhaps only Republican men) don’t know how to connect with people. Second, she’s saying people are too stupid to understand pie charts.

Ellmers then said that women mainly want more time in their lives (don’t men as well?) and the first example she gave was that women wanted “more time in the morning to get ready.”

As for connecting to women specifically, Ellmers drove it home with a line that, had there been liberals in the audience, would have made the news.

“We need our male colleagues to understand that if you can bring it down to a woman’s level and what everything that she is balancing in her life — that’s the way to go,” Ellmers said. (Emphasis added.) […]

ca1Ellmers’ response to this has been to bash the writer of the linked article as a “liberal reporter” who took her out of context.  Oh-Kay. For the record, The Washington Examiner is a conservative daily newspaper based in our nation’s capital.  Ms. Schow, the reporter in question, is a former employee of The Heritage Foundation AND The Republican Party back in her home state.  Yep.  That screams “liberal.”   

Renee tried a similar tactic on radio host Laura Ingraham after her disastrous appearance on Ingraham’s show.  Ingraham still has her job, but — unfortunately — so does Renee.

The Examiner’s Ms. Schow, in response to Renee’s broadside, has uploaded audio of Ellmers’ remarks AND a full transcript to the Examiner’s web site.   Some of my fellow righties in the Second District have been moaning about how embarrassing it would be to be represented in Congress by an American Idol contestant.  Really?  More embarrassing than THIS ???? 


9 thoughts on “Renee Ellmers: The gift that keeps on giving

  1. The 2nd district is going to be embarassed for the next two years however that one comes out. We need to start getting a decent candidate groomed for 2016.

  2. I don’t know why I can’t stop laughing. I think part of it is the expression om Clay’s face.

    Raphael, I don’t know about you, but we have a great candidate.

  3. It is indeed amazing that this district has only been able to come up with these few, ridiculous candidates. What a stupid, sexist set of comments from Ellmers. My god she’s bad..

    I dont care who the opponent is… there is no justifying ever giving a vote for Ellmers. She’s a buffoon, a clown, that over and over shows us exactly how dim she is. It’s embarrassing she holds a public office at all.

    Dont give a flip about his politics or his resume… Aiken may be wrong on a whole bunch of issues, I’ve no idea…but Ellmers is horrid. I’d be quite OK with seeing Aiken sit in that office for a term, just to be done with her.

    1. The key to how to vote this year in the 2nd is to engage in what the British call ”tactical voting”. We do not have a conservative in the race in 2014, and the goal is to elect a conservative in 2016. Voting in 2014 should be based on what would best achieve that objective.

      I would suggest that a very close race is certainly something to be hoped for, although I suspect there may be different opinions on which one is better to let have the office for the next two years. To me it is better to give it to the one least likely get politically established.

      An even better scenario is an extremely close race, with a lot of the voters voting in other races on the ballot but not that one.

    2. As I’ve said before, Aiken has not yet lied repeatedly to constituents of NC2, telling them for years that he does not support amnesty, but supporting every aspect of what otherwise is amnesty.

      He has not yet gone all over the district and DC advocating for illegal aliens, voting to permit their access to taxpayer funded subsidies, and placing their interests above those of NC2 citizens.

      He has not yet advocated to allow foreign STEM/tech workers to take these higher-paying jobs from Americans, especially from American kids graduating from college who are very un- and underemployed.

      He has not yet shrieked at NC2 citizens, calling them “ignorant” and “racist” when they were attempting to have an adult conversation on illegal immigration.

      Renee Ellmers has. And, she bears much responsibility in this tsunami of illegal aliens flooding our border because of her personal advocacy for amnesty that is not amnesty.

  4. Renee Ellmers is more than a baffoon. She is hurting the people she supposedly represents. Her remarks about women alone is just too much to believe in this day and age. I’m a woman and I like a god visual aid when discussing facts.

    Mr. Aiken is so much more than an American Idol contestant. That was just a moment in time. He is a special education teacher and co-founded a national foundation for children with special needs which is growing every day of these last 10 years. He visited war torn countries to helpchildren and has been a UNICEF ambassador. He has followed politics and current events since his early teens. He knows what is going on. He is level-headed and looks out for those in need. How anyone could vote for someone like Renee Ellmers over Clay Aiken is a disgrace.

    1. Lyne, few on this blog will be voting FOR Clay. If he gets their votes they will be votes AGAINST Renee.

  5. From the interview posted the other day of Clay Aiken. How many Dems have you seen or heard from who show high esteem for Ronald Reagan and can quote from his speeches? I’d say Aiken is a much better choice than Elmers. He sounds like the Dems of our fathers and grandfathers not the Democratic Socialist Party of today.

    1. I have heard a lot of blue smoke and mirrors from Democrats who want to be elected in Republican districts. Aiken has a very clever consultant in Gary Pierce, and this is simply a Pierce-constructed facade. If you can find Aiken’s now deleted Facebook posts and tweets, you will not find references to Reagan there. That is the real Aiken, not the Pierce constructed facade of today’s candidate. Aiken’s posturing today is no more believable than Ellmers posturing when she first ran.

      Both candidates are Big Government types, and conservatives have no one to vote ”for”. The best strategy is to figure out which one holding office in 2016 will best position conservatives to take that office away with our own candidate in 2016.

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