Paul & Renee’s big FAT Lie

reneeryanqIn the real world, if you mislead people in order to get them to hand over their money to you — It’s a crime.   In Raleigh and DC, it’s dismissed as business as usual. 

Our nation is teetering on a precipice.  These people we sent to DC to run our country on our behalf are acting on their own financial and other self-interests. Delay regulations or taxes. Get big campaign checks.  Make it someone else’s, um, problem down the road.

The GOPe is bending over backwards to sell us on how great the recently passed spending bills truly are.  Here are some of the more ludicrous, bald-faced lies that have been doled out.

Playing the cards we were dealt.  Really? That’s the spin being pushed by wonder boy Paul Ryan and his posse. YOU GUYS control the purse strings.  YOU GUYS set the rules for how government operates.  YOU GUYS are supposed to be dealing the cards, not be dealt them.  Handing over the deck of cards to Pelosi, Schumer, Reid and Obama is, basically, surrendering on your constitutional duty and violating the trust the voters put in you. smells

An inconvenient fact — Ryan chaired the House Budget AND Ways & Means Committees before becoming speaker.  Those are two of the most powerful and influential committees for setting US financial / economic policy.

“Repeal” of ObamaCare.  That is some of the biggest horse-hockey I’ve heard. (And I’ve heard a lot.)  In her latest round of taxpayer-funded campaign mailers (a practice she condemned her predecessor Bob Etheridge for in 2010), Renee Ellmers has been claiming the recent Omnibus budget deal repeals ObamaCare. 

It postpones the implementation of some heavy-handed taxes included in the original ObamaCare legislation.  (Trust me.  They’re STILL coming.)  Those taxes are where some of the real ObamaCare pain comes from.  So, the low-information crowd will go a little longer before they experience the real outrage of ObamaCare.  And ObamaCare will have more time to dig its talons into the fabric of American society.  *Thanks, Renee.  Thanks, Paul. *

Lifting the Oil Export Ban.  That is being ballyhooed as a real victory for all Americans.  This will be a great thing for the oil companies.  It will help raise the price of oil, which is currently pretty low.  But most of us will feel the impact of the ban lift (higher prices) at the gas pump.  Government intervention to raise oil prices will surely generate more and bigger campaign contributions.

Renee Ellmers, Robert Pittenger, Patrick McHenry, Virginia Foxx, and David Rouzer ALL voted for this travesty.  (These FIVE Republicans voted to screw over your children and grandchildren for years to come.  Remember that in March.pittenger

It’s interesting to see some well-known Thom Tillis inner-circle types out there campaigning for Pittenger primary opponent George Rouco.  They are using Pittenger’s budget vote as a key weapon in their advocacy of Rouco.

The problem?  Their hero Thom The Terrible™ voted FOR it too.

Personally, I think the motivation there  — as I predicted earlier — is to get Pittenger off stage QUICK before the FBI and IRS probes come to a head and other members of The Charlotte Mafia™ sustain some collateral damage.