“Office of The FORMER speaker.” (Are you serious ????)

I am afraid it is quite serious.  Here’s the word on that from Washington: 

Two aides to former House Speaker John Boehner are earning over $10,000 a month in his taxpayer-funded “Office of the Former Speaker,” according to congressional records.cryjb

Both longtime aides, Amy Lozupone received $26,414 for work done in November and December as Boehner’s administrative assistant, and Michael Sommers was paid $22,185 during the same period.

Boehner stepped down at the end of October. Rep. Paul Ryan was elected to replace him. Boehner’s office opened in November.

The Office of the Former Speaker is an official office that provides space and staff to former House speakers for some five years. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert ran up a $1.9 million bill, according to reports.

According to the online data site Legistorm, Boehner can have up to three aides and keep the office operating even if he lands another job.

“The Office of the Former Speaker is a governmental office provided by law to representatives who vacate the speaker’s position. It is funded by taxpayers and can have up to three staffers. It cannot be used for political purposes and can be held by Boehner for the next five years, even if he gets a job in the private sector,” said the site which revealed the salaries.

We have nearly $20 trillion in debt.  Politicians are always moaning to us about how they have nothing to cut.  (And that, if you dare to try to cut something, you’re going to hurt old ladies and babies.)   Well, WHAT ABOUT THIS CRAP?  How will getting rid of this hurt women and children?  

How much work could there be for the office of the former speaker to justify paying THREE staffers five-figures a month? In three months, these people are making about as much as a public school teacher makes in a year!

Thankfully, according to ABC, two lawmakers have come to their senses: wj2

[…] Two Republican lawmakers have had enough with the practice and are calling for a bill to deauthorize the program immediately.

“I’m confident that when we get this legislation to the floor, every member of Congress will vote with us to eliminate this waste of taxpayer dollars,” said Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, who is leading the charge with fellow Republican Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina. […] 

Just Jones, huh?  Where are the rest of the alleged conservative warriors in our congressional delegation?

3 thoughts on ““Office of The FORMER speaker.” (Are you serious ????)

  1. It’s good to see my congressman, Walter B Jones to take a leadership role. Unfortunately, it’s a little too kittle, too late. As a 21 year retired veteran, poisoned by the Camp Lejeune well water, and 100% VA disabled, I haven’t seen so much as a cost of living increase in the last 7 years that even keeps up to the REAL cost of living. My medical benefits have eroded, taxes have skyrocketed, and the US dollar devalued. I have been voting for Walter B Jones since 1997, but I cannot in good conscience continue to vote establishment.
    I’m fed up with bloviating nonsense to appease the masses just to get votes. Time to drain the establishment/RINO swamp on both the left and right, and vote in some common sense, adult, non politicians who will represent WE THE PEOPLE in action and deed, vice hot air.

    DONALD J TRUMP, TED CRUZ, TEA PARTY……………..anyone but the establishment!

    1. Well you’ll be wasting your vote… If you even live in the third. People here love Congressman Walter Jones and he has been representing us very well for more than 20 years and nothing has changed to make me not vote for him again. He is a true conservative who does what he says. How can you call him an establishment candidate? Or is anyone who is in Congress for that long “establishment” by default? There is no better person to represent us than Congressman Jones. You make it sound like he does not care about our soldiers and veterans, but in reality that could not be further from the truth. Congressman Jones just finished a long 14 year battle to clear the names of two of our fallen soldiers. What establishment candidate would do that? Now its true, I have never met Congressman Jones, but to me he seems like the most genuine politician in DC and nothing like an establishment RINO. Speaker Paul Ryan seems like an establishment Congressman. You can tell because they’re fake. They smile pretty for the cameras and don’t really answer any questions with any substance. Then off camera and behind closed doors they’re the exact opposite. Congressman Jones seems genuine to me, what you see is what you get. He brought closure to the wives and children of those two soldiers’ families by clearing their names. That fight took 14 years; what establishment candidate would spend that much time and energy on anything? Establishment candidates like quick, easy photo ops; a 14 year battle does not seem like a quick easy photo op to me, but rather it seems like a man supporting and representing his constituents. It is clear that Congressman Walter Jones is anything but establishment and maybe you should do your research before bashing good people like Congressman Jones. Do not waste your vote. You can type in caps and yell all you want, but when you say anyone but establishment, Congressman Jones is anyone but establishment. Vote for Walter Jones.

    2. Being there a long time does not equate to being part of the establishment. Jesse Helms was in the Senate a long time and always stayed true to his conservative principles, for example. On the other hand, some like Renee Ellmers join the establishment the day they arrive in DC.

      In the 3rd district race, it helps to see which candidate is on which side of the split in DC and who the players on the two DC sides are backing. Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA), the guy who beat Eric Cantor in the primary, is about as grassroots conservative as you can get, and he has been down in the 3rd district campaigning to reelect Walter Jones. On the other hand, three of John Boehner’s key staffers have been very active in fundraising for Jones opponent Taylor Griffin. In the 3rd, it is the incumbent who is the grassroots conservative and his main challenger who is the establishment stooge.

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