“Office of The FORMER speaker.” (Are you serious ????)

I am afraid it is quite serious.  Here’s the word on that from Washington: 

Two aides to former House Speaker John Boehner are earning over $10,000 a month in his taxpayer-funded “Office of the Former Speaker,” according to congressional records.cryjb

Both longtime aides, Amy Lozupone received $26,414 for work done in November and December as Boehner’s administrative assistant, and Michael Sommers was paid $22,185 during the same period.

Boehner stepped down at the end of October. Rep. Paul Ryan was elected to replace him. Boehner’s office opened in November.

The Office of the Former Speaker is an official office that provides space and staff to former House speakers for some five years. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert ran up a $1.9 million bill, according to reports.

According to the online data site Legistorm, Boehner can have up to three aides and keep the office operating even if he lands another job.

“The Office of the Former Speaker is a governmental office provided by law to representatives who vacate the speaker’s position. It is funded by taxpayers and can have up to three staffers. It cannot be used for political purposes and can be held by Boehner for the next five years, even if he gets a job in the private sector,” said the site which revealed the salaries.

We have nearly $20 trillion in debt.  Politicians are always moaning to us about how they have nothing to cut.  (And that, if you dare to try to cut something, you’re going to hurt old ladies and babies.)   Well, WHAT ABOUT THIS CRAP?  How will getting rid of this hurt women and children?  

How much work could there be for the office of the former speaker to justify paying THREE staffers five-figures a month? In three months, these people are making about as much as a public school teacher makes in a year!

Thankfully, according to ABC, two lawmakers have come to their senses: wj2

[…] Two Republican lawmakers have had enough with the practice and are calling for a bill to deauthorize the program immediately.

“I’m confident that when we get this legislation to the floor, every member of Congress will vote with us to eliminate this waste of taxpayer dollars,” said Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, who is leading the charge with fellow Republican Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina. […] 

Just Jones, huh?  Where are the rest of the alleged conservative warriors in our congressional delegation?