#ncpol: Rebel without a clue

DallasWe’ve BEEN hearing stories about an out-and-out mutiny led by NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse against the elected state party chairman Hasan Harnett. We’re starting to see signs that it’s intensifying.

There has been some rumbling from outside the beltline about the registration pricing for this year’s state convention. ¬†Chairman Harnett issued a statement setting the rates much lower.

Yet, the information on the NCGOP web site is not being updated to reflect the chairman’s diktat. ¬†Right this moment, the convention website still has the OLD higher pricing.

An NCGOP central committee member has taken to social media to claim: (1) the party chairman has been locked out of the party website by Woodhouse, and (2) Woodhouse is violating the party’s rules of operation via insubordination:



According to Rufty, Harnett has had to issue a new “call to convention” because Woodhouse will not cooperate in communicating the correct information:


17 thoughts on “#ncpol: Rebel without a clue

  1. Marcus Kindly is an old party hack trying to worm his way back into good graces after getting hit tail shoved between his legs in last year’s Chairmanship elections.

    He is no friend of the State Constitution either; I doubt if he’s even ever read it.

  2. Woodhouse has been a skunk for years…supported by the Elite Donor class because he is their water boy – yes, he’s a political whore and will step on anyone to get his agenda accomplished!

  3. This is Jr High foolery. Makes more votes for “any party but them” happen. How low can the Republican Party percentage go?

  4. Um

    The plan of organization of the NC GOP clearly states that the Central Cmte sets the fee for the state convention. Furthermore, Dallas works for the Central Cmte. Chairman Harnett had a vote in the Central Cmte needing on these fees. The prices on the website are the ones that were passed by the Central Cmte.

    Don’t fall for the establishments trick to get us to try and pay the lower rate so they can disqualify us. Clearly Chairman Harnett is being misled by some establishment hacks.

    Liberty must follow there rules in the POO. Don’t let them fool us.

    1. I see what you are doing you are saying the opposite of what you believe to make a point ? ?

      The $90 fee is to keep the grassroots home so the establishment can win
      The reasonable fee is so more people can be involved in the process and does not dictate a bias on who wins during the convention

      The Central Committee is out of line and the executive committee meeting should be called if needed to undo the damage to the party that the central committee is currently doing

      “a. The State Central Committee shall have the power to appoint such Committees as it may deem
      necessary for the proper conduct of Party affairs, to formulate fiscal policy, establish financial goals,
      prepare a budget, set the dates for the State Convention as provided for in Article VI.A.1, and the
      Precinct Meetings, County, Congressional District, and State Conventions between February 1 and 35
      days prior to the Republican National Convention in Presidential Election Years, in accordance with
      National Rules; and to do all things pertaining to Party affairs which it may be authorized to do by the
      State Executive Committee. I”

      Here is the KEY

      “to do all things pertaining to Party affairs which it may be authorized to do by the
      State Executive Committee”

      The central committee works for the executive committee all of the central committees power comes from the executive committee and at any time the executive committee can take away the authority from the central committee on any issue

      This used to be worded even stronger but the executive committee is the governing body of the state party when the state party is not in a active convention and any power given to the central committee is from the executive committee to be revoked at any time

    2. Did the Central Committee actually vote on that fee, or did the ED just decree it? If there was a vote, when was it held and who voted how? Or is the Central Committee hiding from the grassroots behind its wall of secrecy? We at the grassroots need to know who it is that is screwing us to the wall.

      The imperial ED is a new chemistry for the NCGOP. In the past, most ED’s were selected by the chairman who submitted one name to the Central Committee, who would interview that one person, and generally hire him. Even last time, when the Central Committee got more involved, the chairman still played a major role in the process and got someone who would work with him. Now, a clique of the Central Committee, led by David Lewis, simply ran over the chairman.

  5. Dallas is the worse thing that ever happened to the NCGOP. How many new people has Dallas brought to the party?Not 1? And, how many people have left because of Dallas? Thousands….The man is worse than Bernie Sanders.

    1. It cannot be emphasized strongly enough however, that the ED is basically a creature of the Central Committee, the real agents of establishment corruption. A few of the CC members are OK but most are there to facilitate the wishes of the legislative leaders and the Governor.

      1. This is the first ED the NCGOP has ever had who has operated that way, and hopefully will be the last.

  6. What we have had is a palace coup by Dallas Whorehouse and a power drunk clique of the Central Committee.

    What needs to happen at the convention is to pass a resolution giving registrant a rebate on this outrageously excessive registration fee, with rebates to come out of Whorehouse’s salary.

    We should also refuse to sign up for ANY of the extra events. Starve the beast until we get rid of Dallas Whoreshouse.

    1. It’s pretty tough to get any resolutions debated at the convention, other than honorary ones for deceased Republicans. You can think the establishment for that outcome from the Cherokee convention.

  7. That is an excellent idea GU Wonder. Also, As was suggested before Dallas’$ free health insurance sponsored by the NCGOP should be removed since he backs the RINOS that fund it. It reminds me of the federal employee unions that overwhelming supported Obama. Would they have supported Obama if their insurance wasn’t subsidized? Heck no. If Dallas faced these outrageous health insurance premiums every month he wouldn’t be so eager to support all the RINOS who have consistently funded Obama Care. Maybe Dallas can come on and see if he thinks it’s a good idea? Dallas are you out there?

  8. This is a reason the Trump and the Cruz forces are kicking the crap out of Republican Establishment candidates. Dallas you should be scared because the end is coming for you.

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