#ncpol: Ellmers a Kasich girl

Elected to Congress in 2010 to kill ObamaCare, Renee Ellmers is now backing a candidate for president who enthusiastically implemented ObamaCare in Ohio.  This is from a Roll Call reporter following Ellmers on the campaign trail:


Apparently, Gov. Kasich “sounds the most mature right now.”  (After her 61-17 loss to Jim Duncan in the Moore County GOP straw poll, I’d think she’d be treating these things like Dracula treats crosses.) 

She’s the third member of the state’s congressional delegation to publicly announce a presidential favorite.  Mark Meadows is enthusiastically backing Ted Cruz.  Thom Tillis is backing “Mr. Third Place” —  and fellow Floridian — Marco Rubio.

5 thoughts on “#ncpol: Ellmers a Kasich girl

  1. Ted Cruz is a “A” rated republican at conservative review. Senator Tillis is one of the two “F” rated senators from NC supporting the “C” rated senator from FL who needs to exit the race because Ted Cruz can beat Trump and more importantly Ted Cruz will beat Hillary in November

  2. Kasich is a liberal establishment Republican. No wonder Ellmers likes him. As to Marco ”Amnesty Amigo” Rubio, Tillis can have him. Just one more reason not to vote for Tillis next time around. Tillis certainly brought in a bunch of Amnesty Amigos to campaign for him last time.

  3. John Kasich is the Republican “homeless man” sitting on the curb, in hopes that Trump, Cruz or Rubio will throw a couple bucks in his bowl (ie: ask him to be their VP running mate).
    Get a clue John, you’re a Wall Flower, and NOBODY is going to ask you to dance!
    As for the adulteress Renee Ellmers, her day is coming, and that right soon!

  4. I’m now reading that she’s supporting Donald Trump! She even now says that she voted for “the Donald.” How do you go from being a card carrying member of the Ripon Society to publicly supporting Donald Trump?

    It’s desperation!

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