ObamaCare: Taxpayer subsidy for ME, but not for THEE





No wonder Richard Burr thinks it is “the dumbest idea” to defund ObamaCare.  It’s leaked out that the federal government will subsidize the health care costs of Members of Congress and their staffs:

All over the country, people are worried about how Obamacare will affect the cost and quality of their health coverage. Members of Congress and their staffs were especially panicked, because it appeared that the Affordable Care Act required them to purchase coverage on the law’s new insurance exchanges, but without the generous subsidy they receive for their current coverage. Capitol Hill collectively exhaled yesterday, when it came out that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management would allow members and their staffs to keep their insurance subsidies.

According to John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman of Politico, President Obama has personally involved himself in the controversy over whether or not Congressmen and Hill staffers should retain access to their insurance subsidies. “It is extraordinarily rare, to say the least, for the president of the United States to get involved in an inside-the-Beltway flap over the payment of health care premiums,” note the Politico authors.

They also report that “some lawmakers have privately threatened to push through a legislative fix—possibly attached to a must-pass spending bill—that would require the government to continue its contributions for health care premiums for Hill employees.” But the White House fears that such a legislative change would “open a door for Obamacare opponents to try to unwind other parts of the 2010 legislation, and senior administration officials want to avoid that step.”

If ONLY these nimrods had to live under the legislation they approve.  I think the level of nonsense on Capitol Hill would drop dramatically.

North Carolina has 13 Members of the House and TWO senators.  Congressman Mark Meadows (R-11) is THE ONLY North Carolinian in DC to publicly commit to the fight to defund ObamaCare.