Note to GOP: Again, the drive-by media CANNOT be pleased. Stop trying.

First it was Richard Hudson begging for forgiveness for his role in trying to defund ObamaCare.  Now, we have Mark Meadows appearing to be seeking penance: 

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows said he should have considered a strategy other than shutting down the government last year to stop Obamacare.

Meadows, R-Glenville, wrote the letter in the U.S. House calling for the defunding of the Affordable Care Act, which later led to the shutdown.meadows

CNN tagged Meadows as the “architect of the brink” during the run-up to the shutdown, even though he was a freshman congressman. The plan had support from 80 other representatives.

“Should I have maybe gotten another strategy to address that?” he said. “I think history shows us the answer to that is yes.”

The shutdown cost businesses in Western North Carolina and east Tennessee millions, according to an estimate from an economist at Western Carolina University.

Meadows disputed the estimate. He said all of the counties in his 11th District posted sale tax revenue increases year-over-year last October, except for Haywood.


He said his fight over Obamacare, and the move to close the government, stemmed from his belief that the president’s signature healthcare law would hurt families in his district.

“Rightly or wrongly, whether I was the architect or not, what I hope most people see is that I care about them personally, that I will learn from any mistakes that I make and that jobs are my number one focus,” he said.


Meadows has NOTHING to apologize for.  HE DID HIS JOB.  All spending is supposed to originate in the House.  If the president is trying to spend our money on something that is wrong, it is the job of a House member to step up and work against it.  Obama was the one who made the shutdown decisions that screwed over tourists and inconvenienced millions of Americans.  The Congress COULD HAVE passed a continuing resolution or, God forbid, a BUDGET that included the essential government services.  ObamaCare could have been set aside for further discussion. But NO — Barry, Harry, Kay and the gang decided to play this game of brinkmanship.   Have the debate — the discussion — about spending priorities and fiscal responsibility.  Don’t just cave in for the sake of getting the media off your back.  If you’re a Republican, the drive-bys will never leave you alone or be your friend. 

3 thoughts on “Note to GOP: Again, the drive-by media CANNOT be pleased. Stop trying.

  1. >  I care about them personally, that I will learn from any mistakes that I make and that jobs are my number one focus,” he said.

    Progressives believe that creating jobs is a roll of the federal government.

    It looks like Meadows is carrying water for Thom “Obamacare is a good idea” Tillis, who is embarrassed to be seen with Republicans who fought Obamacare.

  2. You were right the first time, Representative Meadows.

    You have been one of the very few Republican elected officials who consistently defend conservative issues. Don’t start panicking, now. Don’t start apologizing, and don’t start backing down.

    Conservatives don’t despise government, despite the Left, working 24/7 to make Americans believe otherwise. Conservatives crave good, limited government, operating within Constitutional limits and adhering to our Bill of Rights.

    But, gridlocking the lawless, empirical Obama regime absolutely works for me!

    The U.S. House should cut off the money for Obamacare and for the criminal federal bureaucracies and keep it cut off, until they’re either repealed and dismantled or reigned in and forced to operate within established Constitutional boundaries.

    The drive-by minions will never vote for you, anyway, Rep. Meadows. A pat on the head from them is utterly worthless.

    I, on the other hand, never miss voting in an election.

  3. I shake my head at how anyone could ever feel the need to apologize for trying to rein in a completely out of control federal government. “Trillion dollar annual deficits? Oh I’m so sorry I tried to bring some reality to that situation…My bad…”.

    The true lesson of that shutdown was there is one mission the Obama administration can undertake with full commitment, speed and efficiency – inconveniencing in any way possible the lives of ordinary decent Americans. It was impressive, especially how the websites were redirected away from their purpose to some BS shutdown site at the snap of a finger. Yet they’ll never find Lois Lerner’s emails. They sure can find yours though!

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