#NCGA: Timing will be key for Gov. Pat’s threatened special session

legislatureGov. Pat McCrory is making some noise about possibly calling the General Assembly back into town for a special session.  At the top of the agenda would be a $20 million fund for The Commerce Department to use in wooing new business to North Carolina.  The proposed fund was included in the notorious HB 1224 porkfest that went down in flames at the end of the short session. 

I did a quick survey of some of my Jones Street sources to get their take on the proposed special session.  One of those sources — an elected official with significant influence on Jones Street — had this to say:

“Timing will be key.  If the governor calls us back before November, that will be a problem.  For Tillis, it puts the House back in the spotlight of the Senate race.  It will also pull him off the campaign trail at a crucial time.  It will also disrupt campaign and fundraising activities for the rest of us trying to come back for the next session.  Calling us back before November?  I can’t imagine a much dumber idea.  There would be an awful lot of votes against the governor’s proposal just to spite him.”