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#ncga: Welcome to “DOUBLE-SECRET” special session!

Well, Gov. Pat got his disaster relief special session. (No word yet if his reelection campaign will be officially classified as a ‘disaster.’  Hurricane Ricky?) But, then, ANOTHER special session got requested  — thanks to a petition signed by 3/5 of the legislature.  Of course,…

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#ncga: A whole week ????? (Hot damn.)

Two weeks before Christmas, and you’re being shanghaied into spending ONE of those weeks in the Jones Street Puzzle Palace. How much luckier can you get?  (Many thanks to Majority Leader John Bell for keeping us on the caucus email list.) : From: Susan West…

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#ncga: A session? (Isn’t that special?)

Even Hurricane Matthew can get worked into the political jockeying for November.  Here’s Cumberland County state Rep. Billy Richardson (D):  Popeye said it best “I stands all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.” In Sunday’s Fayetteville Observer, Editor Tim White commented on Hurricane…

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#NCGA: Timing will be key for Gov. Pat’s threatened special session

Gov. Pat McCrory is making some noise about possibly calling the General Assembly back into town for a special session.  At the top of the agenda would be a $20 million fund for The Commerce Department to use in wooing new business to North Carolina….

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Paying for them to do NOTHING

        We, the beleaguered taxpayers of North Carolina, are being told that we will finance a “special session” of the General Assembly where ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will be voted on: Those hoping for excitement during the April 23 special session at the General…