#ncga: Welcome to “DOUBLE-SECRET” special session!

Dean Wormer,  Faber College

Well, Gov. Pat got his disaster relief special session. (No word yet if his reelection campaign will be officially classified as a ‘disaster.’  Hurricane Ricky?)

But, then, ANOTHER special session got requested  — thanks to a petition signed by 3/5 of the legislature.  Of course, the Democrats cried shenanigans.   What could this surprise special session be about?  We’ve got our ideas.

$$$OLAR, baby!  Jimmy Dixon, errand boy for the House leadership, has called a confab of solar subsidy lobbyists and other related interests for this coming Tuesday in the legislative building.  Perhaps there will be an attempt to ram home some early Christmas gifts for these, um, generous campaign donors.

The spectre of “court-packing” is still out there.  Dallas Woodhouse is firing off press releases bashing Democrats and the driveby media for keeping this story alive. ( Funny.  I heard it was Dallas’s big mouth, talking the idea up all over town, that helped the Democrats and the media discover this whole “court-packing” story.)

There’s also THIS bill  – -which looks to snatch the authority for the state information technology division away from the governor and put it more under the influence of the General Assembly.   It’s sponsored by our old buddy Jason Saine.  And it’s an unusual move — since the majority JUST made I.T. a cabinet level agency and bragged about the accomplishment during the recently completed campaign.

I’m all for governmental reform.  But where was all this during the last four years ???   Now, it just looks like pettiness aimed at Roy Cooper.  

Granted, the state IT division is a huge charlie foxtrot that needs some major help.  But I don’t see putting it further under the thumb of the Jones Street crowd as helping matters.  Remember, this is the crowd that seriously considered demanding access to the personal and official devices of ALL legislators and staff — to see who was leaking to this website. Finding leakers to The Haymaker has been a major obsession for House leaders.  Increasing their access to state I.T. gives them greater access to our personal info on file with, say, The Department of Revenue, or Health & Human Services.  (No, thanks.)

I’ve heard about other possible government reform moves.  Some are contemplating moving the Department of Administration under the aegis of the lieutenant governor’s office.  DOA tracks and maintains all state facilities.  With our current governor’s background as an architect, that might be a nice fit.  (There are also a lot of far-left kooky “commissions” in DOA that need to be zeroed out and evicted, as well.)

Another idea? Folding the secretary of state’s functions into the lieutenant governor’s office.  In 1989-90, Democrats thought that was a GREAT idea.  A number of states already do that.

26 thoughts on “#ncga: Welcome to “DOUBLE-SECRET” special session!

  1. The more we give to Lt. Dan the better. That will give him a lot to use in his run against Absent Roy. Heck, even without increased duties given to him I bet he will accomplish more than Cooper did in all his years waiting his turn.

  2. Dallas is indeed an idiot. His press release was juvenile. He is nothing but the hired help but he wants to act like he is in charge of the party. He needs to do the Executive Director’s job, but he has been trying to do the chairman’s job since he appeared on the scene. That is what caused the friction with Hasan Harnett.

    The court expansion is a necessary thing, and needs to happen. Prostituting themselves to the solar energy special interest, however, is an assault on taxpayers and electric customers and would be an insult to the GOP base.

    1. Does the gop base really care what happens once the election cycle ends? Not sure many on the executive commitee care as long as they can bow to a leader and say yay and wait for the party to start

    1. Bananas! I’ll give you stinkin’ Bananas!

      REMEMBER WHEN? by Bob Harris on December 15, 2016 in State Government

      Remember when Republican Jim Holshouser was elected governor in 1972? And when Democrats gave Democrat Lieutenant Governor Jim Hunt new power to check Holshouser?

      Remember when the Democrats gave Hunt the power to succeed himself, gave Hunt the veto they denied Republican Jim Martin, and let Hunt pack the Court of Appeals?

      Remember when Republican Lieutenant Governor Jim Gardner was twiddling his thumbs in 1989 after the Democrats stripped him of power?

      Remember when Mather Slaughter spied on sheriffs for Hunt, Hunt’s bosom buddy Phil Carlton monitored Gardner’s phone in 1992, and Hunt had “no clue?”

      Remember when Hunt was shocked – shocked! – to learn the highway pavers who gave him truck loads of money were actually rigging bids?

      Remember the Jim Hunt Christmas Massacre of 1976?

      Remember when Governor Mike Easley siphoned millions out of the Highway Trust Fund, while dabbling in sweetheart real estate deals? Remember bribery in the men’s room?

      Well, thank the Lord Republicans are trying to check the power of a Governor whose first act was appointing a guy who practically spits on the graves of heroes by refusing to stand to honor the men and women in the military who protect his freedom to be disrespectful. This Governor is already stacking his administration with ex-Easley and Perdue loyalists – no friends of sensible policy or conservative reform.

      Now the Democrat descendants of hardball boys like Basnight, Black, Rand and Ramsey are crying like a baby who lost his rattle. Please.

      The conservative majority should defend hard-won reforms from left-wing judges and liberal appointees. The voters can decide who is right in the next election.

      So we’re a Banana Republic when Republicans with balls do something the Demo(n)crats always have done.

      Do you honestly believe if Cooper won became Governor and the Demo(n)crats get 1/2 or all the legislature they would act as pure as the driven snow? Plezzzzzzzz!

      I hope the Legislature takes as much as they can away from Cooper to make him a 4-year lame duck.

      1. I remember all that. Does that make it right to do it now?

        “Republicans with balls” wouldn’t hide their agenda.

        1. I believe the phrase “turnabout is fair play” comes to my mind. So yes, it is fine now just as it will be fine for someone else if their chosen side does the same in the future.

          I just hope the GOP can organize and pay a bunch of “protesters” if this happens under a demorat regime in the future. Somehow I doubt it would get the same play on the fake news sites if it were Republican supporters protesting demorats.

          1. Soros has corrupted our state government. The litigation Soros financed in front of politically corrupt partisan Democrat judges with Rev. Fat Albert as his paid front man stole our governor’s election. We need to push back against these thugs.

          2. Check Wikileaks for the fact that Fat Albert (”Rev.” Bill Barber) is Soros’ paid front man.

            As to Soros financing Fat Albert’s lawsuit, and similar suits around the country, that was common knowledge even before Wikileaks dump on Soros.

          3. This Wikileaks stuff came from a disgruntled Democrat, a Bernie Sanders supporter, in spite of the fairy tales with no proof from the dishonest propagandists of Big Media, and of the politically corrupted (see Benghazi) CIA.

  3. An unstable Dallas Woodhouse just had an uncontrollable outburst and embarrassed himself and the Republican Party at a NAACP news conference. He went looking for trouble and found it. Stay in your office for the sake of the party. Not very often I remember being sympathetic to the NAACP when they do battle with the NCGOP, and I didn’t even agree with what they were saying. Dallas you are an embarrassment! Resign! You have overstayed you welcome in the leadership of Party of Lincoln.

  4. Under NC law, the legislature has sole responsibility for the UNC system, not the governor. Therefore it makes sense that they should appoint UNC trustees, not the governor. This is a good reform move.

  5. I certainly hope they don’t miss their chance to protect christian conservative viewpoints… #PackTheCourt!

    1. Yeah, not sure the house leadership is all that and a bag of chips when it comes to social values, HB2 notwithstanding. On another note, one bill in the 4th Extra session that everyone should yell at their reps and senators about, is House Bill 4 which seeks to terminate I-77 toll roads in Mecklenberg and Iredell Counties. It’s stuck in committee at the moment.

      1. What will keep the added judges from becoming courts packs with even more majority of radical judges

        Adding judges seems like a short term solution that can lead to long term problems

  6. The left would stack the court against the right. What’s to keep the new Governor from stacking it with two more liberal judges? The G A you say. They can avoid that fight by doing what they ought to do. Pack the damn court. Make right for the Edmonds boondoggle that was SO unnecessary

    Browny Douglas

  7. I don’t understand why they didn’t pack the court. Hopefully we will have an answer one day. It’s legal, honest, ethical, and smart.

    I think I just answered my own question.

    1. That is the real question. I suspect someone had a loss of nerve, and more likely in the House or the Governor’s mansion than in the Senate. The Governor had nothing left to lose, so most likely the problem was in the House, where the leadership can be as spineless as in the national Congress when it comes to taking on Democrats.

  8. What I find interesting is that the DNC made a point to oust Judge Edmunds due to the HB2 issue. This came from the national scene not the local DNC funding.

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