#NCSEN: A RNC-Tea Party powwow in Charlotte?

Sources agopvstre telling us that emissaries from the DC Republican establishment had a sit-down with NC Tea Party activists in The Queen City Tuesday evening.  Roughly a dozen activists — most of whom were closely affiliated with Greg Brannon’s primary campaign for the US Senate — met with two individuals identifying themselves as Republican National Committee operatives at the Taco Mac sports bar near South Park Mall. 

“They wanted to know where we might find some common ground,” on Tea Party-affiliated attendee told us. “They said they understood there was some heartburn among Tea Partiers about the GOP and Thom Tillis and other things. They said they were here to listen to us.”

Another Tea Party source told me the group peppered the RNC pair with questions, but got rather vague and non-responsive answers.  One Tea Partier pressed the RNC pair on  how or when the RNC plans to meet the Tea Party at least halfway on some concerns.

“One of the RNC guys basically said ‘We’re not going to do anything for you or give you anything,’ ” said one of my sources.”We were basically told ‘We’ll listen to what you’re saying. But we expect you to smile and get on board, and we’re not going to change one bit.’ ”


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  1. This is utterly unsurprising.

    The RNC is funded by corporate interests (so is the DNC, but by a somewhat different set of corporate interests). Those corporate interests are not concerned with concepts like Liberty, federalism, constitutionality, or anything like that. They are only concerned with using the force of government to secure subsidies and competitive advantages for themselves, and disadvantaging their competition.

    The RNC is fully aware of this. They also know that the kind of changes the TEA Party requires in order to support Republicans would come into direct conflict with the corporate interests funding their operations. There is no middle ground here. Even if they embraced the TEA Party, lost their corporate funding, and won the elections, they know that the kind of candidate who would win would not preserve the system of perks and patronage that they currently enjoy.

    Thus, from their point of view, losing to a Democrat who will preserve the system but redirect the perks for a couple of years is a better option than winning with a candidate who would actually change the system their livelihoods are dependent upon.

  2. As long as the establishment, and especially the NRSC, the RNC, and Mitch McConnell are unrepentant and do nothing to punish the underhanded and dishonest Watergate-style dirty tricks used in the Mississippi GOP Senate primary, conservatives will continue to be very wary of them, and for very good reason.

    Lest we forget, here are the tactics:


    and here is how the establishment including McConnell and Tricky Dick Burr helped pay for Watergating Chris McDaniel:


    How can conservatives even begin to trust people like that?

    Remember Mississippi! Since the Mississippi dirty tricks, the concept of voting for the lesser of two evils is graveyard dead.

    1. that is why I have been and remain here in NC a registered “unaffiliated” and i’ll help fund candidates only or certain groups pacs..other than that the RNC/DNC has not got a penny from my or my family in 20 years..

  3. This isn’t accurate – I was in attendance.

    There was one representative from the RNC (not the NRSC) and another person that had no affiliation at all.

    There was no attempt to sway any activist to support Thom Tills – nor was there an attempt to try to convince us that our grievances were illegitimate.

    I respect that the RNC took the time to listen to our complaints and issues – however, everyone left with a feeling that there is a very large rift and not much demonstrable action is underway to repair.

    Mississippi is an issue that continues to fester and until action is taken – the grassroots will not lift a finger to support the Establishment choices for any office across the nation.

  4. “…….most of whom were closely affiliated with Greg Brannon’s primary campaign for the US Senate…..”

    Might want to sit down with someone else as those closely affiliated with Brannon’s primary campaign did a poor job!

    Brannon’s primary campaign had to have been one of the worst!

    1. live and learn ..that is how one grows and goes in “politics” but i agree with your take over all thanks

  5. My source told me that it was an RNC guy, so to that I believe Dennis is correct. That said, it’s no coincidence that Thom Tillis is in a world of hurt, they did mention they believed he was going to lose by 5 points, and they wanted to talk to grassroots activists who are refusing to support him. Just by having the meeting they are trying to sway folks to vote for Tillis or at least not campaign against him.

  6. There is a way to send a message to the RNC that they will have to pay more attention to activists’ concerns – vote Libertarian. However well I do in November, both the Democrats and Republicans will know they have to be more peaceful and more libertarian to try to get those voters back.

    1. When you support open borders instead of enforcing our immigration laws, then your message is one that most of us do NOT want to send!

    2. So you’d rather that Harry Reid continue to control the Senate?? I supported Brannon in the primary, but I’d rather get rid of Kay “Obama Clone in a Dress” Hagan than to give them the continued seat (Jesse Helms Seat for Pete’s sake!!).

      I love this state too much to let one election and bunch of liberals derail us, I’d rather continue to fight even if we have to continue to do it in the party for a long while. CONSERVATIVES will win in the end.

      1. May I add that our Federal Judiciary (and probably..) the Supreme Court is at stake, look what judges ARE currently doing with State Marriage Amendments (to their State’s Constitutions!). This will only continue to get worse if Obama is allowed to continue to appoint radical jurists through THE US SENATE. AT LEAST Thom Tillis is a “No” vote on the Judiciary, think about that…..

      2. We Republicans have become pros at screwing up our election chances. The democrats count on us getting caught up in our in-fighting and losing sight of the election. They play us like a fiddle! I wish we could unite just once and realize that this state and country is in one helluva mess. Otherwise, sit back and send hugs and kisses to Pelosi, Reed, Hagan and Obama.

        1. You seem a bit clueless about what the problem is in the GOP. I have posted some articles about where the problem originates, and that is the bitter vindictive war that the establishment has been conducting against conservatives this primary season. The most egregious act was using Watergate style dirty tricks to steal the Senate nomination from Chris McDaniel in Mississippi. Mitch McConnell was up to his eyeballs in that, again documented by other links posted. Mitch McConnell also showed he hated conservatives in his own party more than he hated Democrats when he told the NY Times that he would ”crush them everywhere” talking about GOP conservatives, not Democrats. Many conservatives now hate McConnell almost as much as they hate Reid.

          The establishment has crapped in its mess kit this election. Their actions have killed any notion of party unity or party loyalty graveyard dead. Many conservatives will no longer hold their noses and vote for the lesser of the evils.

          How could this be salvaged? Mississippi has changed everything, and any road to trying to get the party back together runs through Mississippi. Strong action against those involved in the dirty tricks is the one thing I can think of that might bring conservatives back around. That would mean throwing both Barbours under the bus, blacklisting all consultants involved in the dirty tricks, a strong campaign to eliminate open primaries, and RNC investigation of what was done in Mississippi (as the GOP state chairman of Missouri has demanded), strong denunciation of those dirty tricks, and similar actions. Will the establishment man up and do that? I am not holding my breath. The destruction of party unity is entirely their doing, and the ball is in their court to try to heal this situation.

          McConnell could also help the situation by announcing that he will not run again for leadership of the GOP in the Senate. Conservatives could get a lot more motivated to elect a GOP majority to be led by an as yet unknown leader than about one to be led by McConnell.

          1. Clueless? No! Want to keep control away from democrats, YES. Let’s get Republicans elected first and then push back on the less than conservative bunch!

          2. Hit the Road Jack, don’t cha come back no mo no mo, hit the road Jack, don’t you come back no moe.

            The Republican establishment and the hucksters have been playing that song and dance for years. Oh let’s just get Republicans elected then we’ll work on the conservative agenda, just show up with the contributions and the votes and ask no questions. BS BS BS

            No MOE NO MOE NO MOE. HIT THE ROAD JACK!!!! Don’t ya come back no moe!

            Never again! Remember Mississippi!

    3. Mr. Haugh, do you support amnesty and open borders as most libertarians do? By amnesty I mean legalization of illegal aliens.

      1. He seems to have gone silent all the sudden (maybe he has a rush of pizzas to deliver), but his explanation on his website is ”open borders mean open restaurants”.

  7. There’s a much better way to send a message to the RNC & NC GOP – Write in John Rhodes!

  8. There will be no peace with the Republican Establishment until they do penance for the Mississippi senate election fraud.

    1. There MUST be firm action taken against both Barbours and ALL of the consultants involved, as well as against McConnell and the Shameful Seven.

  9. Tillis is the most liberal GOP candidate running for an open seat.

    Joni Ernst and Terri Lynn Land are more conservative and they have to win Obama states.

    I could even tolerate Patrick McHenry but Tillis is terrible.

    1. Most unprincipled, too. Can you imagine most of the other Senate race candidates conspiring with the Democrat side of the aisle to pass un-conservative legislation?

    2. Joni Ernst had the endorsements of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz, and the Senate Conservatives Fund. Tillis has to make do with Karl Rove, Lindsay Graham, and John McCain.

      1. And the Chamber of Corporate Fascism. Quite a line-up of corrupt global internationalists.

        You know them by the company they keep…..

  10. I got an email begging for money and support for the NC gop-e and Tillis.. I politely told them to go to hell.. I will never give them a thin penny. I only vote for conservative and they are NOT it.

  11. I will be writing in John Rhodes. McConnell in charge of the Senate will change nothing in Mordor on the Potomac. Thillis losing will be a good thing. The GOP is a living organism and all organisms need a bowel movement.

  12. Tax payer subsidies for billionaire Richardson and Jordan’s houses. For now, I will be writing in John Rhodes for senator.

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