#ncsen: WRAL / SurveyUSA says Hagan 46, Tillis 43, Haugh 6

thomkayThat survey of 568 likely voters was conducted October 16-20 and has a margin of error of +-4.2 percent.  One of its more interesting findings is that 87 percent of respondents had made their mind up about this race. Only 11 percent said they might change their mind between now and election day.

Obama’s approval-disapproval was found to be at 40-54.  Pat McCrory was at 36-48. Kay Hagan was at 38-51. Thom Tillis was at 36-51.  On ObamaCare, only 15 percent said the law should be left as it is.  Thirty-one percent said make adjustments, while 50 percent said repeal large chunks of the law or the whole thing.

The poll found respondents split 47-46 in favor of continuing to fight gay marriage.

In 2008, SurveyUSA’s final poll, released on November 2, had Hagan leading Dole 50-43.  (The final split was 53-44).

8 thoughts on “#ncsen: WRAL / SurveyUSA says Hagan 46, Tillis 43, Haugh 6

  1. I plan to vote early and write in John Rhodes in the next few days. I’ll still vote GOP on the down ballot (local folks don’t understand what they’ve gotten in bed with) but I’m done with the state party. Maybe if they had not been playing monkey games with the platform and left Brawley and Bradley alone in the legislature I could have stayed.

  2. You would think Thom would be smart enough to abandon the strategy that ensures he will lose to Hagan. How long does he have to keep seeing polls where he is losing before the man takes charge, asks forgiveness, and realizes the error of his ways? I can’t believe a repub can lose to Hagan in 2014. And… the medicaid strategy by mcrory and othersl appears to be their way of trying to ensure Tillis loses by 20 points. Sheesh.

    1. Tholl Road Thom Thilli$ doen’t know how to ask forgiveness. He only knows how to ask for money.

    2. The lack of brains also extends to Tillis’ campaign team, which is the biggest pack of morons I have ever seen assembled in one place. They actually make Fetzer’s crowd in the Dole campaign look almost competent by comparison. I guess that is Hagan’s secret – get your opposition to hire idiots for their campaign team. Theam Thillis’ idea that they could go liberal and still have conservatives vote for them ”because they had nowhere else to go” is just mind boggling. I hope that we do not lose judicial and legislative races because some of our people just stay home because of that utter stupidity of the Tillis crowd.

  3. Patiently waiting until tomorrow, when I can go to the polls and “not” vote for Mr. Tillis. 🙂

    Hopefully, next time around the GOP will put up a candidate worth voting for.

  4. I wonder if Thom, McCrory, and others thought about the consequences of allowing DACA illegal aliens to get drivers licenses?

    Now we have 145 DACA illegals ILLEGALLY registered to vote now just 2 days before early voting starts, and another ~10,000 possible non-citizens registered as well.

    Illegal votes, including those cast by illegal aliens, could be the margin of error in this race. Boy, would that be poetic justice.


  5. Early voting is here. Getting ready to go pick up Momma Lulu, Grannie Annie, Aunt Ag and Uncle Hubert. Our tradition is to go to the K & W for a leisurely lunch and then to voting. We are all going to do our duty as loyal Republicans and vote for Theam Tholl Road Thommy Thillis.

    It is especially simple for the older generation. You are a Republican and you support your ticket. No write-ins here. No haggling with Hagan.

    Just standing tall!

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