#NCSEN: We’re not on Jones Street anymore, Toto

sock puppet
Senator Kay Hagan appears to be longing for those good ol’ pre-2009 days of taxing and spending with Marc and Tony and the gang in the North Carolina Senate.

She’s up for reelection this year, and has spent a lot of time talking about those “extremists” in Raleigh who, by the way, had nothing to do with this ObamaCare fiasco that is ravaging our economy as we speak. Hagan — affectionately known in many parts as Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet™ — is appearing with state legislative Democrat leaders today in Raleigh to yell at mean ol’ Pat, Thom, and Phil for turning off the unemployment insurance spigot.

Let’s get this straight.  *The folks who cut some of the most generous unemployment benefits in the nation as a means of starting to pay off a $4 billion-plus debt to the federal government are THE BAD GUYS.* 

And the folks who for years dug our state government deeper in debt and worked overtime to ensnare folks in perpetual government dependency are THE GOOD GUYS?

Senator Sock Puppet has stood valiantly with Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid to prop up the budget-busting, job-killing, socialism-nurturing ObamaCare fiasco.  She’s played a major role in putting an awful lot of these people on unemployment.  Hagan doesn’t like the fact that Republicans in Raleigh sought to pay off some debt and slow the state economy’s slide. She’s got to find some people to vote for her — to extend her lease on life in DC another six years.   And if she has to bribe them with their own money and keep burying our kids and grandkids in debt  to do that — she WILL.

Things were so much more fun for our sock puppet in those heady days prior to January 2009.  She was somebody on Jones Street.  People fawned over her.  They paid attention to her.  Now, she spends all of her time carrying water for Chuck and Harry.  And those guys give her no respect — dismissing her legislative efforts and basically sitting her in the corner when they don’t need her.

Well take comfort, little sock puppet.  After November 2009, you’ll have a lot more time on your hands to hang out with the remnants of your old caucus at the legislative building.