(The Plot Thickens?) The Speaker & That Massachusetts Law Firm

ttChuck Suter — who, with his video camera, strikes fear in politicians across The Carolinas –has released a new video alleging that state House speaker and US Senate candidate Thom Tillis has been using his position in the General Assembly to directly benefit the clients of his wife’s family’s Massachusetts-based law firm.

This site confirmed that Tillis’ US Senate campaign received more than $10,000 from employees of Campbell, Campbell, Edwards & Conroy.  Over the summer, state House leaders (of which Tillis is the most senior) led the effort to kill legislation requiring an in-state brick and mortar showroom to sell cars in North Carolina.  The legislation was strongly opposed by Tesla Motor Company, which has been represented by Campbell, Campbell, Edwards & Conroy — Susan Tillis’ family’s law firm.

Suter’s video takes it one step further.  He says the Campbell firm has represented Time Warner Cable.  If you’ll remember, state Rep. Robert Brawley (R-Iredell) had a very public spat with Tillis over legislation that would have helped a small Iredell-based internet service provider.  Brawley alleged that Tillis killed the legislation at the behest of Time Warner.

In his video, Suter also alleges that Tillis’ father-in-laws’ firm represents Parsons-Brinckerhoff — the consulting firm involved in the effort to bring HOT lanes and tolling to I-77 in Mecklenburg County.  The speaker has made some favorable comments regarding tolling and HOT lanes, drawing some ire from Mecklenburg residents.

Tillis strongly opposed efforts at the state GOP convention to add an anti-tolling plank to the state party platform.  Shortly after his unsuccessful efforts at the convention, Tillis and his team returned to Raleigh and pushed through legislation clearing the path for HOT lanes and tolling.

We’ve previously reported on the interesting timing of campaign contributions from beer wholesaler and movie interests and legislative action in Raleigh.

This all looks troubling.  We’re certainly hoping there is a good, honest, understandable explanation behind it all.  We welcome any serious attempts at explanation, clarification, or rebuttal from people or organizations mentioned in this post in the comments section below this post.  (Although — to make it to the public eye —  they must be made without the use of profanity, obscenity, name-calling, slander and / or other personal attacks. I know.  It’s  a shame that we have to mention that.) 

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  1. Such a shame that an elected official with the potential of Thom Tillis could become so corrupted by under-the-table lucre — the most popular bait of the political elite. Tillis is the classic opportunistic politician. He will pretend to be conservative while compromising principles and betraying constituents to further his own ends.

    He weakened critical bills in his grand bargains for political advantage. What really, truly disappoints me is that Americans for Prosperity has given its support to such a crass career politician. But considering the political connections, I suppose I should not be surprised at all….

    1. For a law firm that does governmental representation or lobbying, owning a US Senator is a fine acquisition; much better than merely owning a state House speaker. The elected official, their rent-boy, gets campaign cash from the deal.

      Being a prostitute for the special interests is something that Marc Basnight, RIchard Morgan, and Jim Black perfected. Thom Tilli$ is a protege of Black and Morgan, so naturally he learned their tricks. Thom Tilli$ would not know a political principle if one jumped up and bit him. He is all about doing favors for special interests to reap the financial benefits, and has no overall guiding political philosophy other than servicing the special interests.

      I am sure that as time goes on, we will see the K Street crowd go into overtime buying pieces of Tillli$. Watch the campaign reports. He is exactly the type of candidate they like to see coming.

      In the beginning, Marc Basnight was owned, lock, stock, and barrel, by Dare County retired oil millionaire Walter Davis. At one point, Davis thought it would be better to own a Congressman and tried to position Basnight to run against Walter Jones, Sr. in the Democrat primary but pulled the plug when it was clear that was not going to work. In latter years, there were lots of special interests owning pieces of Basnight.

      What saddens me is remembering that this is Jesse Helms seat, and that Jesse Helms politics were based totally on principle. The thought of an unprincipled hack like Tilli$ in that seat is just revolting. Of course, it is also revolting to think of Hagan in it now. We must do better. ANY of the other four candidates would be better than Tilli$, but Brannon seems to be the best of the lot. Brannon was not my original first or second choice, but those candidates did not get in the race, but he is the best option actually on the table.

    1. I will be voting for a true conservative Greg Brannon. We must contribute to his campaign and weed out the corruption in politics.

  2. Seriously, people? Tillis’s father-in-law’s law firm represented clients who did business with the State? Could you possibly get more obscure?

    Shucks, Tillis, himself, worked for IBM, and I know for a fact that the State of NC has bought IBM computers in the past — probably even while Tillis worked there! Obviously that means Tillis is corrupt, too, right? </sarc>

    Seriously, though, I think Suter might be trying to distract people from Dr. Brannon’s “nutraceutical” and “bioidentical hormone replacement” scams, through his Medi Weightloss Clinics® franchise. Brannon wrote, “Most disease come from a lack of education on proper nutrition, exercise, supplements, and bioidentical hormone replacement. Medi Weightloss Clinics® and Dr. Brannon offer the education and treatment you need to become the ‘New You’.”
    Ref: http://pages.citebite.com/q9q8n1d7bkis

    If we Republicans run a guy who promotes that kind of snake oil (and bad grammar), Hagan will crush him like a bug.

    1. Dave — You call medical-supervised weightless “snake oil”? Looks to me like this company is well-respected and successful. For their Raleigh and Charlotte locations they have very high Google review ratings — at least four stars based on numerous reviews. And the corporation has an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. http://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/weight-reduction-doctors/medi-weightloss-corporate-in-tampa-fl-90079727?&nostat&gid=1&gen=1&lid=1

      I’m not worried about Brannon vs. Hagan. It’s Hagan vs. Tillis that will be a doozy.

  3. By the way, Thom Tillis’ father-in-law is dead. Has been for years.

    Of course, little things like facts never seem to matter to the Ron Paul / Alex Jones crowd, of which Chuck Suter is a card-carrying member.

    Do you suppose Dr. Brannon approves of Chuck Suter attacking Thom’s wife’s parents — her deceased father and elderly widowed mother?

    1. “Of course, little things like facts never seem to matter to the Ron Paul / Alex Jones crowd, of which Chuck Suter is a card-carrying member.”

      Is being a card-carrying member of the Ron Paul/Alex Jones crowd much different than being a card-carrying member of the Thommy Tillis/Shifting Sands crowd?

    2. Facts don’t seem to matter to the Karl Rove anti-conservative crowd, which you seem to be a card-carrying member of, either.

      Our nominee needs to be chosen by North Carolinians, not imposed on us from DC by conservative-hating pro-amnesty grand poobah Karl Rove. Karl Rove and his handpicked ”Rover” candidates can all get stuffed!

  4. I remain a supporter of Dr. Brannon’s HOWEVER… I fail to see the problem here. If the legislation is bad, it should be killed, regardless of whom that may benefit. Conversely, it should be supported, if good, regardless of whom it may benefit. Leftists play identity and focus group politics. Conservatives are SUPPOSED to be about principles. We believe, among other things, in limited government, free enterprise, and lower taxes. If the speaker supported a (broad based, not targeted) tax cut that just happened to benefit Tesla and everybody else, I would hope we wouldn’t object. I have a hard time understanding the scandal of killing an ANTI-FREE-MARKET proposal that would have enshrined an advantage for brick and mortar dealerships to the detriment of online sales and CONSUMERS. It would have effectively been a tariff, the definition of anti-free-trade. Outside of innuendo, what did the speaker actually vote against that we wish he’d supported?

    1. For consumers, when there is a car recall, it is much better to have a nearby dealer to take care of the problem. Online may work for buying a car, but then you are left twisting in the breeze afterward. I do not see this as anti-free market at all. Even if one has to go to a nearby state to go to a dealer, it is better than having to deal with an automaker on the other side of the country.

      I look at other car makers with small volumes of sales in North Carolina. They can have dealers nearby. Rolls Royce, for example, has a dealership in High Point, and Morgan (now the largest British-owned car maker but a small niche producer that has been around for a century) has a dealership in Virginia. There is absolutely no reason that Tesla cannot set up a local dealership if Rolls Royce and Morgan can.

      But putting ”free market” and Tesla in the same post just about makes me want to puke. Tesla is anything but free market. It is a Green crony capitalist entity that would be dead in the water except for government special favors. Not having to maintain a reasonably local dealership, like normal carmakers do, is just another governmental special favor, this time granted by Thom Tilli$. Tesla should have to play on the same playing field as their competitors, and that means no special government favors of any sort.

      Tilli$ has a history of supporting other Green crony capitalist scams. Tesla is hardly alone. The renewable energy mandate is another major one, and that costs North Carolina electric customers a bundle in higher electric rates, due to the higher cost to produce wind and solar power. On that one, Tilli$ is looking out for his own pocketbook while screwing consumers. He is part owner of a small bank, a major part of whose business is lending to Green crony capitalist renewable energy entities.

      If he had been in DC, I am sure he would have been in bed with Solyndra, FIsker, and all the other Obama crony capitalist Green boondoggles, as well.

  5. So, Tillis’ wife was a daughter of either Campbell, Edwards or Conroy? He must’ve been a partner…this is how law firms control the government reaching beyond the
    normal boundaries..

    I had never heard of Chuck Suter, but will expect even greater things from him now…
    Maybe he’s NC’s own James OKeefe!

    Another reason to vote for Dr. Greg Brannon US Senate 2014 NC !!!

  6. It wasn’t a tax cut for Tesla, Ed. The automobile dealers association was pushing a bill that would have outlawed Tesla sales in North Carolina, unless and until Tesla opened a conventional franchised dealership here. It was a blatant example of “crony capitalism.”

    Tillis is a free-market conservative, so he opposed that bill. Chuck Suter’s criticism of Tillis for that presumably means he supported the bill. (Does Brannon?)

    But, of course, Suter knows his position wouldn’t go over too well with conservatives and libertarians, so he didn’t actually say what Tesla’s “problem” was, in his video. Politics is all about deception, in the Ron Paul / Alex Jones world.

    Just to be clear, I’m not a fan of Tesla. I think it is outrageous that the super-rich get federal tax credits to buy super-expensive electric sports cars, thanks to the pork-fattened “renewables” lobby. But I don’t think it should be illegal to buy a Tesla car in North Carolina!

    1. If Rolls Royce can maintain a dealership in North Carolina, then Tesla can. Or like Morgan, they can put one in a nearby state, like Morgan’s dealer in Virginia. It is not illegal for a North Carolinian to go to Virginia or South Carolina to a dealer to buy a car. If there is a car recall, that is a lot better than having to deal with the automaker’s home office on the other side of the country.

      Tesla is a Green crony capitalist entity, and they exist from government special favors. They should have to play by the same rules and standards as other automakers, with no special favors. Without their government special favors, they would be out of business.

      1. Um, I straight-up oppose Tillis and consider Chuck a friend, but let’s get real here. Since when do free-market people support the legislative banning of any product for any reason?

        1. The product was not banned. Tesla could play by the same rules as other automakers. That is only fair.

          Why should Tilli$ support forcing small independent North Carolina based brewers to hire a third party beer distributor after their volume reaches a certain level? They are perfectly capable, in most cases of distributing their beer locally themselves.

          Tilli$’ postions have nothing whatsoever to do with any sort of principles, just about which special interest gets his attention and which he thinks he can get money out of. Whether it is Tesla or beer distributors, that is the side Tilli$ is on.

          Tilli$ is also known as ”Toll Road Tillis” but perhaps it should be ”Toll Booth Tillis”, and that is based on a new book on corruption in Washington that talks about the ”toll booth strategy” in which politicians wait to let legislation get on the legislative highway until the special interests involved have paid the toll. Speaker Boehner (who is incidentally a Tilli$ supporter) was just named one of the ten most corrupt leaders in Washington by Judicial Watch due to his practicing the toll booth strategy.

          With Jesse Helms, former occupant of this seat, legislation was totally about principle. Tilli$ is the antithesis of that. For TIlli$, it is all about what he can get out of the special interests.

          1. Rules that never existed until crony capitalists asked the NCGA to kill their competition for them. These are the very kinds of corporatist actions that we are supposed to oppose. I can’t imagine Murray Rothbard or Ludwig von Mises supporting the ratification of positive law to prohibit the sale of a product at the request of industry lobbyists.

          2. The only crony capitalists involved are Tesla. Without government thumbs on the scale, they are not a viable business. Anyone who assists Tesla is boosting crony capitalism. If Tesla ever had to face a real marketplace, they would be gone very quickly.

            Tesla tried to cut the corner. I doubt that their overpriced products constituted any competition. I suspect the auto dealers did not like setting a precedent. I also suspect that auto dealers did not like having a crony capitalist like Tesla come in and cut corners.

    2. The biggest deception I see in politics today is Karl Rove candidates (”Rovers”) trying to falsely call themselves ”conservatives”, and Thom Tilli$ is one of those Rovers telling an Obama (a lie) in misrepresenting himself as a conservative.

  7. Killing the anti-Tesla bill is not really a very good criticism. The anti-Tesla bill SHOULD have been killed, and in fact I helped fight to kill it. If we support the free market, then it shouldn’t matter who lawyers for a given company — passing laws to ban their sales in the State is a violation of fundamental principle.

    Mind you, I am pretty sure that it was public pressure rather than principled opposition that led to the death of the anti-Tesla bill, but nevertheless the killing of that bill was a good thing. Crony capitalism (or corporatism) is a terrible thing, and I don’t want it in NC.

    1. Glen, I usually agree with you, but Tesla is the very personification of crony capitalism, and Green crony capitalism at that.

      What about this same law firm’s connection to Time Warner, whose monopoly Tilli$ was defending? Or their connection to the toll road company? Or Tilli$ taking money from beer distributors for the big brewers to stifle the small independent brewers in our state? Or Tilli$ being in bed with the Green crony capitalist ”renewable energy” producers with his support of the renewable energy mandate, something that raises rates for customers? Or Tilli$ being in bed with big Ag in supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, drivers licenses for illegal aliens, and gutting e-Verify in North Carolina?

      I suspect you are award that some law firms are also big lobbying firms, as this one seems to be.

      1. Whatever fedgov does is (or should be) no business of the NCGA. Banning a product — whatever their relationship with DC may be — is a violation of free market principle.

        You don’t have to convince me about what Tillis is. I served with him for two years and every time we spoke one on one every word out of his mouth was a lie. I am pretty confident that his decision to kill that bill had nothing whatsoever to do with free market principle.

        Nevertheless, any legislative banning of any product does not belong in a free market system, period.

        1. Again, the bill did not ban ANY product. Tesla always had the right to sell its product in North Carolina the same way that any other carmaker does.

        2. Thanks for Mr. Bradley, and I agree with you there. One can certainly be disgusted with Tesla’s background and financing and still support a free marketplace – I dont see that as a conflict, and the state isnt supposed to be “protecting” good companies and “punishing” ones it doesnt like.

          The fact that any other carmaker decides to have a dealership here in the state, or nearby states, or not have one at all… should be a decision made completely by that company, not a mandate by the state. Likewise, if consumers decide a dealership close by is an important consideration, they should factor that in to their decision-making process themselves.

      1. Since you support Green boondoggles, Dave, do you also support Tilli$’ squelching the bill to end the renewable energy mandate? That mandate, which Tilli$ supports, forces utilities to buy overpriced wind and solar power, the extra cost of which is then passed on to electric customers in their bill. Do you also support Solyndra and Fisker or is it only Tesla?

  8. Dave Burton…. In the video I make it clear that I don’t have a problem with what happened with Tesla here in NC. I say the issue is the connection, the pattern, and the money. Trying to reach as far as asking if Greg Brannon agrees with my video shows the kind of “man” you are. I don’t give a damn if Greg Brannon agrees with my video or not, I don’t tow the line for him or anyone else in politics as you do for the establishment. But Tesla knew who to have represent them if they wanted legislation changed didn’t they.

    Furthermore, you think that by using Ron Paul and Alex Jones’ names you can make me out to be crazy in the same damn post that you lie about me in. First… I have a ton of Respect for Ron Paul and still like him as do most conservatives. Alex Jones does have some good guests on his show but I only see anything he does when friends in the TEA Party or Liberty groups share something he has done. He is almost unbearable to listen to. I like Rush, thank you very much.

    “Suter knows his position wouldn’t go over too well with conservatives and libertarians” haha… just keep spelling my name right. C H U C K S U T E R, for someone who knows my TRUE conservative positions won’t go over well, I sure do speak my mind freely and enjoy quite favorable support from a broad spectrum of the Republican Party.

  9. This will certainly be an interesting Primary Season! Let us hope the progressives have as much fun with themselves as we seem to be having!

    GOD Bless! Veritas vos Liberabit!

  10. Wow. Over 25 comments. Mostly good sane arguments. But here’s the skinny.
    A. Chuck Suter is the man. Not a politico, never will be. Honest, real, family man, follows his heart.
    B. Chuck did not attack anybody’s deceased relative or widow. He pointed out an astronomically statistical improbability, pattern, or if you want to say coincidence, that most believe needs an explanation from Tillis. Enough about Chuck….he was the messenger. And for that matter, where is the N and O or WRAL? They must believe NC to be the land of coincidences too.
    C. Thilli$ has a never ending bucket list. He holds out a bucket, someone fills it with cash, and their interests get on his legislative list.

    Thilli$ never met a special interest he didn’t like, and he just can’t say no to a potential benefactor. He was all over schmoozing the trucking assn promising no tholl road$, till he found there were other deep pockets on the opposition side. Thom is an equal opportunity political amoeba who knows corruption from large to small.

    BAILGATE: under thilli$’ eye the supposed Republican mantra of free market competition is supplanted in order to favor the interests of a monopoly in bail agent education to benefit Apodaca and Justin Burr’s cronies. Yea Constitution. Yea free market. Yea small govt hands off. STATEWIDE payola.

    TRUSTEE APPOINTMENTS caucus ballots are counted and recounted until Thilli$ money men are appointed. This one people in the caucus know about nothing ever done about it. STATEWIDE payola.

    BANK CONFLICT with green loans etc. STATEWIDE payola.

    TIMEWARNER guardian angel. STATEWIDE or NATIONWIDE payolla.

    THOLL ROAD$ Tilli$ motivated in grand scale by stiffarming the citizens, and ushering Parsons Brinkerhoff into our state. NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL payola.

    This guy can do it all. From small local to international. He is ready for prime time. We are holding him back. That is why he was in DC while his house was ramrodding all kinds of bills. He is too talented to serve just us little folk instate. He has aspirations, and visions of more dollar signs than we are capable of fathoming.


    1. The leftie Big Media is biding their time. They are laying low now because they want Tilli$ to win the primary so that they can then use all of this history of impropriety to save Hagan. Republicans need to be smart enough not to let that happen, and we do that by nominating someone else.

  11. Anyone who doesn’t see a problem with this Tillis mess doesn’t understand justice nor do they understand what this country was founded upon which was to combat this type of corruption. In my opinion only a foolish person would vote for Tillis or someone whom loves corruption.

  12. Way to go Chuck Suter, stand up and tell the truth to power. Fly in the ointment is right.

    Tillis has never represented the people of NC House District 98 or NC. He only represents himself and which ever special interest pays him the most or the ALEC.

    He is riding the political up-elevator to the revolving door to become a big time big money lobbyist.

    That is why he imposes term limits on himself. If he wins the Senate race, he may leave early or after the first term to his real job and career of representing his wife’s law firm, the ALEC, IBM, Time Warner, Parsons, who ever pays him the most.

    If he looses the Senate race he does the same thing.

    Either way corporate “Uncle” Tom wins and the people loose.

  13. I just saw this story online about the Massachusetts law firm and Thom Tillis, unbelievable how corrupt some politicians are. I heard on RedState that Thom Tillis is losing. Yeah. Good.

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