NC-08: In Hudson’s campaign warchest, PAC $$$ outnumber individual contributions

hudsonEighth District Republican congressman Richard Hudson got elected in 2012 with a lot of help from Eric Cantor, John Boehner and other DC establishment fixtures.  It appears his reelection will hinge on more of the same.

Looking at his campaign reports through the end of September — 56 percent of his campaign haul came from political action committees.  Records show Hudson’s campaign raised $589,673 through September 30. Of that amount, $329,300 came from political action committees.

the campaign had $75,405 on hand on 1/1/13.  It had a total of  $302,309 in expenses for the first three quarters of 2013. That figure includes a $20,000 “performance bonus” to Axiom Strategies of Missouri.    It also includes $12,012 for “event tickets” at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in April and over $3000 in hotel bills for three visits to Park City, UT in February.  OnMessage of Alexandria, Virginia got a $10,000 “performance bonus” from the campaign in April. 

Curiously, the campaign paid out thousands of dollars to Uber Technologies for limo service throughout the first three quarters of 2013.