#NCSEN: Tillis to be endorsed today by #1 cheerleaders for amnesty, Common Core

biggovtWhen you think of “chamber of commerce,” Bob the insurance guy who lives down the street from you probably comes to mind.  The US Chamber of Commerce is a whole different ball of wax.  It’s dominated by big corporations with armies of lobbyists who have grown comfortable with the concept of corporate welfare.  They view statism as an opportunity for them to politic and negotiate with their favorite bought-and-paid for politician to earn special treatment that the rest of us (without an army of lobbyists) would have no prayer of attaining. 

So, it’s no surprise they’d be in love with state House speaker and US Senate candidate Thom Tillis — a creature of government and the world of big corporations.  Tillis and Gov. Pat McCrory are expected to be on hand for a Raleigh media event today many expect to be an official endorsement of Tillis’ Senate bid by the US Chamber of Commerce.

Though, you would think that a Chamber endorsement — this year — would be as welcome as the plague in a Republican primary. The Chamber of Commerce hierarchy believes we need amnesty for illegal aliens RIGHT NOW. Thom-Tillis-22

If that’s not enough for you, the Chamber is also pushing hard for the installation and expansion and preservation of Common Core.

If THAT is not enough for you, the Chamber also attacked Senator Ted Cruz during his effort to defund ObamaCare. 

The Tillis campaign will tell you — with a straight face — that their guy does not support amnesty.  Yet, he sounded rather conciliatory toward the subject in a speech to the NC Farm Bureau and warmly embraced an amnesty-supporting Super PAC.   Theam Tillis will also tell you their man does not support Common Core.  Yet, as speaker, Tillis appointed pro-Common Core Republican legislator Linda Johnson to chair the House Education Committee.  In the recent Senate debates, Tillis said he doesn’t support Common Core — but DOES support national education standards.  He then went on to suggest that the US Department of Education should be abolished.  Soooo.  Who would set up and administer those national standards, Thom?

Speaker Thom has given some lip service to repealing ObamaCare.  Yet, he was a spectator in the fight to refuse federal money for establishing a health insurance exchange.He traveled around speaking to various business groups around the state — telling them it was not a matter of IF we were going to get ObamaCare, but HOW it was going to be deployed.


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  1. For these in the know, an endorsement by the Chamber should be the kiss of death. More people are seeing the light and hopefully Tillis will be sent packing back to Charlotte and those political elites can find him a job…perhaps in Dubia or someplace where he can’t do much harm.

  2. As predicted Tillis will easily win May 6th.Sarah Palin just endorsed Taylor Griffin over Walter Jones and I hope this sends Jones packing.Branno sowed the seeds of his defeat with his inexperience campaign team.I suspect Branno thought he could run his own campaign.Most doctors think they are smarter than everyone else.Tillis will not even need to run the negative ads he has against Brannon.

    1. Most conservatives I know vehemently disagree with Palin on this one. Taylor Griffin is a K Street lobbyist being bankrolled by DC beltway insiders and Wall Street money. Griffin lies through his teeth on amnesty, running ads telling voters he will never vote for amnesty, but being bankrolled primarily by special interests who strongly support amnesty. Laura Ingraham smoked out the thoroughly dishonest Taylor Griffin by getting him to admit that he supports ”normalization” for illegals now in the country, which is just a liberal buzzword for amnesty. Griffin is a fraud, and the joke will be on 3rd district Republicans if he slips through the primary.

  3. This was never going to be easy. I still think we’re looking at a runoff, but it’s possible that Tillis could get to 40. I don’t see anyone else getting to 40.

      1. Keep the faith!

        Greg Brannon told Glenn Beck:

        “We are pulling back the veil and showing who the wizard is and they are getting exposed,” Brannon said of Tillis, whose conservatism he questioned at multiple points. “We are going to win this without a runoff. There’s no doubt in my mind. The wave is coming.”

        According to Brannon it will be him getting more than 40% of the primary vote. The polls showing Tillis with 40% of the vote are obviously push polls of no meaning whatsoever.

  4. Of course the crony capitalists are going to support the main candidate who might as well have a ”For Sale” sign plastered on his forehead. Thom Tilli$ is nothing but a rent boy for the $pecial Interest$, and the crony capitalists of the Chamber of Commerce are the biggest and fattest special interest out there.

    Tilli$ has sold his soul for amnesty for illegal aliens, and does not deserve any conservative voting for him, EVER.

    1. Who can blame all these groups for endorsing Tillis?

      What choice have they been given? A single-issue preacher? A doctor found liable by a jury for misleading investors?

      These groups would be crazy to endorse anyone but Tillis. I doubt their decision process took long at all.

      1. Endorsing, Tillis, the candidate who runs worst in the polls in November matchups with Hagan? Can’t McCrory read polls? This endorsement is insane.

        1. I imagine McCrory has access to many polls which are probably a little more realistic than what the public hears in the barber shop.

  5. I find it odd that the Gov. is endorsing in this primary as many are impressed with Brannon and Grant, Harris, and Alexander. Especially since the party does not supposedly like its leaders endorsing candidates in the primary. Although from personal experience, it only matters in certain instances. In Wake Co. they kicked a guy off the exec board for supporting a candidate in the primary for Sec. of State. Of course another was not kicked off for campaigning and donating in a state house primary. That person was also the district chair.

    1. In politics, it is smart to keep out of other peoples primaries. If Tillis should happen to win by a whisker in the primary, this will come back to haunt McCrory when he runs for reelection. That is especially true if Tillis then lost the general election by a whisker. This particularly hurts since many conservatives have not been so thrilled from a policy perspective or in his appointments by this governor They say elephants have long memories.

      1. Yeah… McCrory’s term in office so far has already led me to doubt his judgement…. but looking at these slate of candidates and actually endorsing Tillis?

        Yeah… guess that cements it for me. I’ve got no use for McCrory now… he’s given me a pretty clear, firm insight into his values and ideology, and it certainly doesnt align with mine 🙂

        1. Many of us remember Governor Jim Martin. McCrory falls so far short of Governor Martin’s record in so many areas. Governor Martin also faced a contentious US Senate primary two years into his term as Governor, in 1986 between Jim Broyhill and David Funderburk, again between moderate and conservative wings of the party. Governor Martin had the good political sense to stay out of that primary. Martin’s political advisor, Brad Hayes, was a heck of a lot smarter than whatever nitwit is advising McCrory these days. I suspect that if Jack Hawke was still alive, he would have given McCrory the same advice as Martin got from Hayes to stay out of such primaries. This meddling in the primary can only hurt McCrory, and he had enough other problems already on his plate.

          1. As I recall Funderburk was most gracious in his more than 2 to 1 defeat pledging to “keep my commitment to support the ticket in the fall.”

            Ah, the mark of a true & committed conservative Republican.

  6. In another announcement today, Tilli$’ rating on gun rights issues was downgraded to a D- as a result of his comments at the second debate. This was issued by the National Association for Gun Rights. Lets see if the establishment cozy NRA follows suit.

    1. I do not know anything about the National Association for Gun Rights so I did a search.

      Interesting reading about them being accused as being a scam or not legit. Among other things. Oh well.

      But let me guess, it is a conspiracy.

      1. They are one of two organizations founded by disgusted NRA members who became sick of NRA’s squishy endorsements. The other is Gun Owners of America, which is the one I belong to. Liberals despise all Second Amendment organizations and attack them, and beltway establishment organizations attack any rivals to their establishment oriented groups.

        After watching NRA endorse a bunch of squishy Democrats who gave little more than lip service to the second amendment over solid pro-gun Republicans in 2010, I cannot see how any informed gun rights voter would give any credibility whatsoever to NRA endorsements.

        1. “………informed gun rights voter……..”

          We can only hope that the “informed gun rights voter” does not throw his or her vote away.

          Making your vote count for something is like hitting the target. Shooting up in the air rarely hits the target.

          1. I was out working early voting for a county commission candidate this morning and ran into one of those 2nd amendment voters I know. His hunting club had a meeting last night to deal with some issues on a hunting lease for the next season, and this ranking and what Tillis did to bring it about became a big topic of conversation from what he said. Two members had already voted in early voting for Tilli$ and now regret it, but all of the others who are Republican or unaffiliated were fired up to go vote against Tilli$. The issue of the unreliability of NRA endorsements also came up as that is why the two who had voted for Tilli$ had done so, and that club at least has now learned not to trust the NRA.

  7. All the Democrats want Thom because he is the easiest to beat. He has never polled over Hagan while Brannon has. The establishment GOP hates Brannon and you all know it. Spare me with the trumped BS investor fraud. Brannon out of 12 investors was singled out? The Judge ruling the case was a Hagan donator? For a first time campaign, Brannon is going to make this race a runoff and that is incredible.

    1. Even better than that;

      Brannon told Glenn Beck that he would win the primary without a runoff:

      “We are pulling back the veil and showing who the wizard is and they are getting exposed,” Brannon said of Tillis, whose conservatism he questioned at multiple points. “We are going to win this without a runoff. There’s no doubt in my mind. The wave is coming.”

      What is incredible is the wave that is coming.

  8. Told you so!Tillis will easily win by over 40%.Brannon ran an inept campaign apparently he led himself.Which indicates he would have been a dud as a political leader in DC.No wonder he lost his court case.I bet he told his lawyers what to do..A no brainer for Rove to defeat.Better get on the Tillis bandwagon and send Hagen packing.

    1. And yet another reason why if Tilli$ turns out to be the nominee, many conservatives will leave that line blank, write in a genuine conservative, or vote Libertarian. We have had enough of Bushes, and Jeb Bush is an amnesty cheerleader who makes me want to puke.

  9. Epic failure of Dr. Brannon’s Campaign team. He must of higher misfits or something. With out MEDIA / TV ads he was dead. I can’t wait to see how they stole his money from the campaign.

    1. We will see. They invested in boots on the ground, and in a low turnout election, which it looks like this primary will be, that often pays off in the end.

      As to TV, without the big bucks of amnesty amigos Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce, Tilli$ would not be competitive. If Tillis should win, it would only be because out of state special interests and party bosses bought the GOP nomination for him. Many of us have absolutely no use for a political hack owned, lock, stock, and barrel by such people.

      The other candidates should have loudly called out Rove for meddling in our primary at the time he got in. That was one big mistake of all of the other campaigns.

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