#ncsen: Tillis says he’s OK with expanding Medicaid

thom111In 2013, the General Assembly took a stand against the implementation of ObamaCare by refusing to accept federal money for expanding Medicaid.  Expanding Medicaid is a key component of ObamaCare. 

In 2014, state House speaker Thom Tillis — now the GOP’s US Senate nominee — has done a 180 on the matter:

[…] Asked if he thought it would be likely that the state legislature would expand Medicaid coverage after refusing to do so previously, Tillis said it might make sense once the state has better control of the financing of the program, which is notorious for its cost overruns.

He said he didn’t have an ideological objection to expanding the coverage. But he said when the state auditor told the previous governor that money was being wasted on it, the appropriate response would not have been to make it bigger and more costly.

“I would encourage the state legislature and governor to consider it if they’re completely convinced they now have the situation under control,” Tillis said. […]

Okay.  Now, after hearing that, how many of you out there seriously believe this guy is going to go to war against ObamaCare if/when he gets to DC? Show of hands.  Medicaid funding involves at least a 50% match from the federal government — which has NO money and is trillions in debt as it is.  Going along with Medicaid expansion means adding to our already monstrous debt and saddling your children and grandchildren with the burden for decades to come. 

Tillis is running ads blasting Hagan for voting for ObamaCare. Yet, here he is embracing the implementation of a key component of ObamaCare.

Tillis appears to be parroting the spin coming from the McCrory administration on the matter.  That follows a pattern we’ve been noticing a lot lately.

The differences between the two major party candidates for Senate appear to be getting blurrier. You have to ask yourself: is it better to be represented by a proud openly-big government Democrat or by one of your own pushing the same big government agenda?