#NCSEN: Thillis delivers for his donors

chachingOnly 62.4 percent of Americans are in the labor force.  THAT is a 38-year low. 

 Over 94 million people are  not in the labor force.  That means those people do not have jobs and /or are not looking for work.

Yet, senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Mark Warner (D-VA) think the feds need to make it easier to employ “seasonal” migrant workers.  Their reasoning?  It’s getting harder for American businesses to find Americans to do their work.  I bet it is hard to find Americans who will work for what Pedro and Miguel from Reynosa, Mexico will work for. 

Ted Cruz made a great point during the presidential debate the other evening.  This is an economic issue.  Bringing all of these people in drives down wages for Americans already in the country.  And it takes opportunities away from Americans.  Hell, we’ve got a 62 percent labor participation rate.  And we’re wanting to make it easier to import MORE folks to compete for work here? 

crowdThe Tillis bill itself increases the bureaucratic involvement in the process, puts more of a burden on employers, and even provides protections to union workers.

I wish I could say I was surprised.  We called this one early during the 2014 senatorial campaign.  Ol’ Thom told us again after he got elected.  He basically told us again by approving spending deals that funded amnesty, Planned Parenthood AND ObamaCare. 

One thing you can say for ol’ Thom — he delivers FOR the folks who put big checks in his hands.  Autism lobbyists gtillis listenave him money for his Senate campaign, and he’s wearing an autism awareness lapel pin and pushing for an insurance mandate.  The movie studio people in Wilmington pumped a lot of money into his campaign, and he was all FOR state movie incentives.  He even pushed for certain appointees to the UNC Board of Governors because they had written big checks to him.

I am *suuuuuuuure* this latest move has nothing to do with the big dollars and political support from  the US Chamber of Commerce, The NC Farm Bureau, and this crowd.