#NCSEN: The state of the write-ins

noneWe posted earlier about a write-in effort for US Senate on behalf of former state legislator John Rhodes. Guerilla videographer Chuck Suter has even posted a new video on how to write-in Mr. Rhodes.

Apparently, Rhodes fans are not the only ones out there with ideas about adding to the US Senate fray in November.  The state board of elections keeps a nice database showing the status of petitions for write-in and unaffiliated candidates.  (All petitions MUST BE submitted to county boards of election no later than July 22).  

According to the database, there are at least six potential write-in candidates for US Senate.  We’ve told you about David Waddell’s effort. It appears a write-in effort on behalf of former GOP primary candidate Heather Grant is underway. Barry Gurney is seeking write-in status, as is Michelle Palmer Parks.  Sherry Burrows is also trying to get in as official write-in options.  (Burrows is also seeking to appear on the ballot as an “unaffiliated” candidate.) 

As of today, Gurney appears to be the most successful of the write-in wannabes — with 283 signatures submitted and 249 approved.  (500 need to be approved in order to have a candidate’s votes included as part of the official election tally.)  Waddell has submitted 117 and has had 108 approved.  The Rhodes group has submitted 19 and has had 19 approved. According to the database,  supporters of Grant, Parks, and Burrows have not submitted any signatures thus far.

Republican Thom Tillis, Democrat Kay Hagan, and Libertarian Sean Haugh have already scored spots on the November ballot.

5 thoughts on “#NCSEN: The state of the write-ins

  1. Clearly, Tillis is the lesser of the two evils in the Senate race. Problem is, conservatives just are not playing this game anymore and this poses real problems for Tillis. Just because he is the GOP nominee no longer guarantees him the Republican and conservative vote. The GOP Establishment is now seen as totally corrupt–“Remember Mississippi” is on everyone’s lips. The same people who stole the election for Cochran bought the primary win for Tillis. To tag Tillis with this association may be unfair, but unless he strongly condemns what happened in Mississippi and the war on the Tea Party by the GOP Establishment, the charge will stick and probably cost him the election.

    1. Tillis remaining silent on Mississippi and the stealing of that nomination will damage his own campaign. If he does not have the brains to speak up against that travesty, does the have the brains to be a Senator? One keeps hoping for some sign from Tillis that he gets it, but so far we do not get one.

  2. Hagen may win but at this point I don’t give a dam. I refuse to vote for a RINO, especially after the Mississippi fiasco. They are calling me a racist!

  3. Read the article from Spectator and note the corruption, donations were made to Hagan from a “conservative PAC”

    “More than half of the high-dollar donors to this so-called Mississippi Conservatives group had previously given money to help elect Democrats. And not just the distant past, but recently — including Senate races targeted this very year by the GOP.

    Public records tell the story, and examples of the first occurrence — direct donations to Democrats — are easy to spot. Donors to Mississippi Conservatives have also in the past written checks to Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagan, Mark Pryor, Chris Dodd, and Michael Bennet, among others.”


    1. The ”Mississippi Conservatives” PAC is a false flag PAC, just like the ”Americans for a Conservative Direction” PAC of Mark Zuckerberg that was actively for Renee Ellmers in the primary. Both involved the participation of K Street lobbyists and major Big Government Republicans Haley and Henry Barbour, among whose clients has been the Government of Mexico. ”Americans for a Conservative Direction” primarily supports amnesty for illegal aliens, and its sugardaddy, Zuckerberg is an Obama bundler.

      ”Mississippi Conservatives” was the vehicle for the Barbour’s and their big government friends to attack conservatives. Using that name is downright Orwellian. Their ads, through an illegal unregistered PAC, urged liberal voters to ”help Obama” by voting in the GOP primary for the non-conservative candidate.

      Both of these groups show the close alliance between liberal Democrats and the Big Government ”establishment” wing of the GOP.

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