Monkey Business Report: NC DENR and the Sea Level Study

monkeyWe posted earlier about a little kerfluffle going on within Gov. Pat’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  It appears that some radical environmentalists nested tightly within the bureaucracy are bullying a McCrory appointee to stack an important DENR study committee in favor of the Al Gore global warming crowd.

The study, authorized by the legislature, is a re-do of the study of sea levels on the coast.  This work can have an affect on thousands upon thousands of people in eastern North Carolina — in terms of insurance rates and regulations regarding what they can do with their own property. 

Thank goodness that renowned global warming skeptic — and accredited scientist — John Droz is on the case.  In previous correspondence, Gorham told Droz he did not have to worry about the refusal to appoint some global warming skeptics to the study panel.  Gorham cited a “Technical Peer Review Group”  that, apparently, will pick up the workload that the skeptics would have been handling.

Once again, we have obtained correspondence between DENR official Frank Gorham and Droz:


Ah, transparency.  (Or LACK of it.)  It’s funny — Gov. Pat was just complaining about a lack of transparency in some recent charter school legislation passed by The General Assembly.  It looks like a little transparency needs to be injected into Gov. Pat’s very own environmental agency.