#ncsen: ONLY 45% GOP support for Burr? 42% UNDECIDED ???

r-RICHARD-BURR-DADT-large570I don’t know about you, but those are shocking, earthquake-type numbers for a two term incumbent US senator.  In a Civitas poll released at the end of January, fifty-three percent of respondents were either undecided or voting for someone other than Richard Burr.  That’s REPUBLICANS, people.   In second place in the GOP primary for US Senate is “lean / undecided” with 42 percent.  2014 GOP candidate Greg Brannon comes in third at seven percent, while Paul Wright gets 3% and Larry Holmquist gets one percent.

Brannon finished up in May 2014 with 28 percent of the vote.  So, he’s got name ID with GOP voters.   The fact that he is a distant third behind Burr and ”Lean / Undecided” tells me he needs to step up his game, reassure voters, and try to restore some burrconfidence in him. 2014 clearly indicates he’s capable of higher numbers.

I wonder what happens if ”Lean/Undecided” overtakes Burr in the polls and wins?  *Do you think “Lean/Undecided” will have a better voting record, and be more responsive to constituents than Burr?*   (Could L/U handle Deborah Ross in the general?)  

Leaning / Undecided voters almost always break away from incumbents.  

I’ve been wary of Civitas polling for years.  They don’t always get it right, but they are rarely way out in left field.  Even if these numbers are a little off, they should be troubling to the Burr inner circle and the NCGOP hierarchy.  Pat McCrory is already shaky with the base.  To have a shaky Richard Burr with him at the top of the ticket will have people asking: Who will provide the coattails? 




23 thoughts on “#ncsen: ONLY 45% GOP support for Burr? 42% UNDECIDED ???

  1. for the good of the GOP the three people running against him should get together and choose the one to stay in the race against him. The vote against Burr does not need to be split it needs to be unified against him

    1. It would be unprecedented but is absolutely necessary! Otherwise the conservative vote will be split and weasel Burr will be our candidate. Is that what any of the challengers really want?! Please put country first (and set your egos aside).

    2. You are exactly right. It is time for tough decisions to be made. We do not need three conservatives facing Burr in the primary.

  2. I’m DEFINITELY for Brannon, but if Burr wins Primary, I will NOT vote for him. I’ll write in Brannon, and I’d be tempted to vote for the Dem cuz they’d get just as much of our agenda done as Burr.

  3. With the no-primary vote, having more than one opponent gives a “free” re-election card to Burr. GOP Leadership has created another “Elizabeth Dole” situation. Not very bright.

  4. Just saw Dr. Brannon for the 2nd time in 4 weeks on his Time For Courage Town Hall tour. His messaging and connections to the people is 200% improved. He was simply brilliant last night. I am all in for Greg Brannon. He’s the only choice here.

    1. Brannon could be the best thing since sliced bread but — and I repeat — if the conservative/grassroots vote is split between 3 candidates, Burr WILL BE the nominee. Two of the candidates MUST drop out in order to prevent this from happening. Sadly, this is probably asking too much…

      1. It is asking too much when the other two were the first to enter and have invested time and their own money in this race BEFORE Greg Brannon dropped into the race at the last minute with no advance warning. I supported Brannon in 2014, but really, he could have done his entry better.

  5. Oh, and as an aside, none of the Brunswick GOPe “leaders” from the useless party faithful had the decency or honor to show up. It’s obvious they fear Dr, Brannon. #PrinciplesMatter

  6. Brannon has so much baggage that if he’s the nominee we’ll give the seat back to the democrats, but I’m sure the GOPc will be fine with that.

    1. An Obama Republican like Burr is not that different than an Obama Democrat. Burr has been reprimanded for his liberal votes by at least three GOP congressional district organizations, yet he still votes as an Obama enabler. It is better to take a chance with someone who at least shares our values. Burr does not. Burr has become a creature of the DC beltway, doing the bidding of the special interests. He is utterly useless.

  7. What have you deluded nitwits been smoking? The ultra right, libertarian candidates are at what—10 percent? No way any of these yahoos come close to defeating our Conservative U.S. Senator. Burr will get around 60 plus percent of the primary vote and then go on to win handily in November.

    1. You probably thought Terry Sanford was a conservative, too. Tricky Dick Burr votes about like Terry Sanford did.

    2. Despite what his focus group generated ads say, Burr is in no way a Conservative. Not even close.

      His foreign policy is neoconservative (which is NOT Conservative).

      His complete lack of support for personal liberty is NOT Conservative.

      His voting record is NOT that of a fiscal Conservative.

      I won’t vote for him in the primary or the general. He should have been sent home long ago.

  8. Richard Burr is a puppet of Mitch McConnel the most worthless majority leader in US Senate history. Burr hasn’t had an original idea in his life and he constantly votes to give the Obama Agenda life. Burr voted to make it unlawful for Medicare to negotiate prices with the drug companies. Wonder why drug costs are so high? Burr voted to give a trillion dollars to bail out the Banks. Folks that is Socialism at the top. AND BURR IN A SPEECH IN GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA ACTUALLY TOLD THE AUDIENCE THAT AS A SENATE MEMBER WHEN HE HEARD THE BANKS MIGHT GO UNDER IN 2008 SAID THE FIRST THING HE DID WAS CALL HIS WIFE TO GET ALL THE MONEY THEY HAD OUT BEFORE THE GENERAL PUBLIC FOUND OUT. IF BURR HAD BEEN ON THE TITANIC HE WOULD HAVE DRESSED IN WOMAN’S CLOTHES AND SHOVED WOMEN AND CHILDREN OUT OF THE WAY TO GET ON THE LIFE BOAT. BRANNON FOR US SENATE!

  9. I will not vote for Burr EVER again, under any circumstances. If we have to endure another Kay Hagen, so be it. It might be the only way to git rid of this worthless spineless piece of crap.

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