Thilli$, Ted, et. al., sign ‘No SCOTUS hearing’ letter to McConnell

thom-smokingIn a blatant sign of disrespect and defiance toward his political sugar-daddy, Susan Tillis’s husband has signed on to a letter urging majority leader Mitch McConnell to not allow hearings on a potential Obama Supreme Court nominee.

This appears to be quite a reversal from an earlier pronouncement from Susan’s man that he did not want to appear ‘obstructionist’whatever that means. 

The letter’s signatories, basically the entire GOP side of the Judiciary committee, include in addition to Tillis:  senators Grassley, Hatch, Sessions, Cruz, Flake, Graham, Lee, Vitter, and Perdue.

I have mixed feelings about this move. It IS the president’s prerogative to nominate judges.  The Constitution says so.  It sure is crummy when the Democrats beat up on Republican presidents and their nominees.

 Holding hearings might be a great forum for Cruz, Sessions, and Lee to offer the nation a great lesson on the importance of limited government and originalism. Then again, you have flakes like Grahamnesty (and Thilli$) on the committee who might snap out of it and vote to allow the nomination to go to the floor where all kinds of RINOs can team with Democrats.