Thilli$, Ted, et. al., sign ‘No SCOTUS hearing’ letter to McConnell

thom-smokingIn a blatant sign of disrespect and defiance toward his political sugar-daddy, Susan Tillis’s husband has signed on to a letter urging majority leader Mitch McConnell to not allow hearings on a potential Obama Supreme Court nominee.

This appears to be quite a reversal from an earlier pronouncement from Susan’s man that he did not want to appear ‘obstructionist’whatever that means. 

The letter’s signatories, basically the entire GOP side of the Judiciary committee, include in addition to Tillis:  senators Grassley, Hatch, Sessions, Cruz, Flake, Graham, Lee, Vitter, and Perdue.

I have mixed feelings about this move. It IS the president’s prerogative to nominate judges.  The Constitution says so.  It sure is crummy when the Democrats beat up on Republican presidents and their nominees.

 Holding hearings might be a great forum for Cruz, Sessions, and Lee to offer the nation a great lesson on the importance of limited government and originalism. Then again, you have flakes like Grahamnesty (and Thilli$) on the committee who might snap out of it and vote to allow the nomination to go to the floor where all kinds of RINOs can team with Democrats.  

11 thoughts on “Thilli$, Ted, et. al., sign ‘No SCOTUS hearing’ letter to McConnell

  1. It appears that Tholl Road Thom is not that afraid of falling into that “obstructionist” trap after all.

    It sure is crummy when the Democrats beat up on Republican presidents and their nominees.

    Expect that to get worse, when Democrats are back in control of the Senate.

    “Well, look. President Trump/Cruz/Rubio only has two years left in his term. We all know that the new rule is that the voters should have a voice in filling Supreme Court vacancies, so we’ll have to wait til there’s a new President. Oh, and that goes for all Presidential appointments, BTW.”

    Rinse, repeat.

    Ya know, you throw enough partisan sand into the gears, this American experiment will grind to a halt.

  2. McConnell undoubtedly orchestrated this, but whether this is just his usual Failure Theater and he will cave later, or he will actually grow a backbone once in his career, we will just have to wait and see. It is McConnell after all, and we cannot count our chickens before they hatch.

    1. You might consult VP Biden, who ALSO took the position when he was a Senator that a President should not be allowed to appoint a SCOTUS justice in an election year. Obama himself fillibustered a GOP nominee even farther out from the election for the same reason. These Democrats are stinking hypocrites.

      It will be President Cruz or President Trump making the appointment. Hillary will be in the slammer in her orange jumpsuit.

  3. Uh-oh.

    Quinnipiac poll shows Senate race in swing-state Ohio is a statistical dead heat. But large majorities in all demographics (except one – registered Republicans) say the Senate should consider Obama’s nominee.

    Men, women, independents, all age groups, all ethnicities agree that the Senate should not delay confirmation hearings. Going into an election, this is the definition of a losing issue. Do you think you’ll get better nominees from Clinton or Sanders (with a ‘We won on the supreme court issue!’ mandate) than you will from Obama who will almost certainly nominate some moderate? Think again.

    But like I said, as a liberal, I encourage you to stick to your guns.

      1. My definition of moderate isn’t what counts – it’s the national perception. For example, the Wash. Post is reporting today that GOP Gov.Brian Sandoval of Nevada is being vetted as a possible nominee. He’s pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and pro-Obamacare.

        People like me would feel sold out if Obama nominates someone like this, but good luck painting a popular GOP Governor who’s already been unanimously approved for the federal bench once before, as some wacko liberal.

        1. NBC / Wall Street Journal poll shows it a dead heat, one point different between those who think Obama should be allowed to appoint and those who think he should not. Independents are also split evenly, one point different. This is a national poll.

          1. Yes, Obama should be allowed to appoint until the cows come home. Senate allowed to sit and wait, that has been established multiple times by democraps. VP Peepaw is just the most recent.advocate of waiting during the election.

        2. Your definition was the crux of what i was pointing out. as in: “who will almost certainly nominate some moderate?”

          Regardless, your linked materials substantiate my LOL on a national level too.

  4. We will lose the Senate. Guaranteed. Then they will return the compliment, but this is an existential threat to all of us. The first and second amendments will be violated. Maybe the 4th. We have no choice despite your misgivings that in this case I share.

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