#ncga: More on the redistricting ruckus

fh6r9t9SU2MvczG1Mrxc_Confused Ice Cube THUMBAnother important revision to the election process pushed through by the honorables:  Runoffs are not just canceled for the congressional races.  They are done away with for EVERYBODY. 

So, you could very well have party nominees emerge from March or June with 25 to 30 percent of the vote.  How democratic is THAT?  I know the governing class will moan to us about the expense of runoff elections.  I wish they were as concerned about the expense of so much of the utter CRAP they perpetrate during session. 

It’s now to a primaried incumbent’s advantage to have a crowded race.  It lowers the threshold he or she needs to cross in order to make it to November and 2/4/6 more years at the public trough. 

Another interesting question involves campaign finance.  With the passage of our new LBJ rule, candidates can run in one primary in March and another in June.  How does that work in terms of campaign finance?  Can Jones Street ”honorables” running for reelection in May also dip into their legislative campaign funds to pay for a run for Congress in June? Will they have to establish separate bank accounts?  Can funds raised for a reelection bid to Jones Street be used to fund a congressional campaign? Can they simply be shifted from a legislative campaign account to a brand spanking new congressional campaign account?