NC-04: Monkey Business Report, campaign finance edition

Sue Googe is seeking to become the sacrificial lamb GOP nominee  against incumbent David Price in this overwhelmingly Democrat district.monkey Though, anything is possible. Fred Heineman got Price in 1994. 

Googe seems like a fantastic person with a great background.  But her campaign finance report is raising some troubling questions:

  • Joe Requested.  Yes, that is the name of an alleged New York-based donor of $500 to the Googe campaign listed on said campaign’s finance disclosure report. Even more troubling? “Mr. Requested” appears to work for a Chinese corporation with offices in the United States.
  • Richard Yang.  This person appears to be violating the limits for individual donations to candidates.  The Googe campaign report shows he donated $15,000 on December 8.   There is no employer or occupation information provided, but we found a likely suspect.   His LinkedIn profile identifies him as (1) Chairman of Big River Fish Corporation in Waxhaw, NC and (2) an adviser to Lt. Gov. Dan Forest on Chinese affairs.. Big River’s web site appears to indicate it also has business ties to China.
  • Donor Jiong Huang is identified as “sales manager” for Enteprex International Corporation.   The firm’s website has a logo featuring the Chinese and32b1bb6 American flags and has contact information for offices in Shanghai. According to the campaign’s records, he gave $2,700 to the Googe campaign on December 29.
  • Donors Daoshan Sun, Ng-Tse Ngan Sun, Vivian Wan, Jian Jin, HaiHui Huang, Tracy Han, and Richard Yang have no employer or occupation data listed on the campaign report.
  • The Googe report indicates a $1,000 contribution from Jianming Yang of Canton, Massachusetts.  This person is identified as “president” of “Boston Building Material.”  (A Google search did not return (1) a person by that name connected to Canton or that company, or (2) a company by that name in Canton, Massachusetts.)