#ncsen: Oh, look. Carolina Rising sending BIG $$$ to Karl Rove.

roveWe’ve all seen those ads from Carolina Rising touting the “success” of Gov. Pat McCrory and Speaker Thom Tillis (curiously, no mention of Senate president pro tem Phil Berger or Lt. Gov. Dan Forest or any other elected Republican in Raleigh).

A check of FEC records finds that Carolina Rising, a PAC run by former AFP state boss Dallas Woodhouse, has been funneling significant chunks of cash into the coffers of Crossroads Media, LLC — a DC firm closely allied with American CrossRoads,   the DC based PAC directed by Karl Rove that supports Thom Tillis and other Rove- blessed candidates.

On September 12, Carolina Rising sent $100,000 in cold-hard cash to Crossroads Media, LLC for “NC TV and Cable”.   Also on September 12, Carolina Rising sent another $457,853.11 to Crossroads Media, LLC.

On September 15, Carolina Rising sent $805,550.89 up to Crossroads Media.  On 9/22. the Raleigh-based PAC sent $1,916,222.00 up to Crossroads Media.