#ncsen: Oh, look. Carolina Rising sending BIG $$$ to Karl Rove.

roveWe’ve all seen those ads from Carolina Rising touting the “success” of Gov. Pat McCrory and Speaker Thom Tillis (curiously, no mention of Senate president pro tem Phil Berger or Lt. Gov. Dan Forest or any other elected Republican in Raleigh).

A check of FEC records finds that Carolina Rising, a PAC run by former AFP state boss Dallas Woodhouse, has been funneling significant chunks of cash into the coffers of Crossroads Media, LLC — a DC firm closely allied with American CrossRoads,   the DC based PAC directed by Karl Rove that supports Thom Tillis and other Rove- blessed candidates.

On September 12, Carolina Rising sent $100,000 in cold-hard cash to Crossroads Media, LLC for “NC TV and Cable”.   Also on September 12, Carolina Rising sent another $457,853.11 to Crossroads Media, LLC.

On September 15, Carolina Rising sent $805,550.89 up to Crossroads Media.  On 9/22. the Raleigh-based PAC sent $1,916,222.00 up to Crossroads Media. 


4 thoughts on “#ncsen: Oh, look. Carolina Rising sending BIG $$$ to Karl Rove.

  1. They are mad because Brannon could only muster 27% of the vote in the primary.They would rather see Hagen win.It is all sour grapes for them.Phil Berger showed his true colors this past session and in so doing defeated his own sons congressional campaign and any state wide chances he has in the future.He has single handedly beat at least 6 state senators this election cycle with his shenanigans this past session and I am positive the Governor will not forget.

    1. Phil Berger is already the single most powerful man in the state of NC and that is a step in the right direction. He beat your boy Tillis like a redheaded step child, Art. He is no Jesse Helms but he is miles more conservative than group of RINO’s that are losing all of their power.

    2. Your view of the primary for many conservatives is just wrong. It was not so much about Brannon as it was about NOT TILLIS. Brannon just happened the be the best vehicle availible for NOT TILLIS. Personally there are a number of others who considered running whom I would rather have gotten behind, but Brannon was the best availible. And NOT TILLIS got more votes in the primary than Tillis did. It is only these wacky Democrat written primary election laws that allow a loser with 40% to be a winner because the NOT TILLIS vote was scattered among several candidates. We will be burdened with weak candidates who are not stalwarts for party positions and who cannot unite the party as long as we tolerate laws that allow someone to ”win” without a majority.

      As to Berger, Jr., your spin is silly. He lost because 1) he proved to be a poor candidate, and 2) his highly negative campaign toward all other primary candidates caused them to gang up on him in the runoff.

      Berger, Sr. is a principled Republican leader. Tillis is a rent boy for the special interests, who would not know what a political principle was if one jumped up and bit him. That is why Tillis is a flawed nominee who is losing.

  2. Dr. Greg Brannon was the candidate who polled ahead of Hagan. If Dr. Brannon was the Republican nominee I feel he would be cruising to victory right now. But Karl Rove did not approve of Brannon so he saddled us with Tillis who is losing to Hagan. Our vote must not be to elect Hagan but to show Rove that NC will not be intimidating into voting for his choice. It is North Carolina’s choice who our Senator should be and not the decision of Karl Rove. North Carolina has a unique opportunity to teach Karl Rove a lesson. Seize the opportunity and tell Karl Rove to mind his own business!

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