#ncsen: NCGOP endorsing Richard Burr, who — BTW — has TWO primary opponents?

ncgopA recently circulated fundraising letter from NC Republican Party headquarters has at least ONE of US Sen. Richard Burr’s primary opponents fit to be tied. Here’s the controversial section of the letter (posted in full HERE and HERE):

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Hmmm. Re-elect Senator Burr.  (In the letter author’s defense, the language later changes to “keeping the seat in Republican hands.” )   It’s a BAD IDEA for a state party to specifically mention helping ANY particular politician while he has primary opposition.  Granted, the two opponents — Paul Wright and Larry Holmquist — are serious underdogs. They have their work cut out for them. But it’s NOT the state party’s job to make calls like this. Let everybody duke it out in the primary, and then rally folks around the GOP nominee. 

We talked with Holmquist, who says he has already had discussions with executive director Dallas Woodhouse about this letter.  He says they are supposed to talk more by phone today. 

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  1. Slight correction. I have not spoken with Mr. Woodhouse yet. I MAY call him later today, after my blood pressure gets down to something normal.

    Actually, I’m going to check with the NC State Board of Elections before I call Mr. Woodhouse. At this point, I’m seriously considering changing my party affiliation from Republican to unaffiliated, and exploring an independent run. After all, why should I stay in the Republican party when the NCGOP–pardon my French–craps all over EVERYONE who is not part of their “ruling class?”

    Note to NCGOP: even if this stunt was within party “rules,” it flies in the face of fair play. If you’re too stupid to figure that out, you’ve got a real problem!

    Larry Holmquist

    1. It very much so violates the NCGOP Plan of Organization.

      On page 18

      1. Membership
      The State Executive Committee shall be composed of the following:
      a. The State Central Committee.

      On page 27

      Each Officer and each Member of the State Executive Committee shall refrain from utilizing the powers
      and dignity of his or her office or position in any Republican Primary for public office at any level.

      This comes straight from the party page http://www.ncgop.org/plan-of-organization/

      1. It won’t do any good to complain. The NCGOP is uncontrollable. The Plan of Organization is for others to follow. When you have now a official candidate who thub their nose at the rules and won’t adhere to the plan by not resigning their district chairmanship what’s it matter. Arrogance comes in many packages

      2. this is one of the reasons that I am no longer registered as a republican. The repubs are as crooked as the dems. The politics in this country are really in a sad state. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting diffirent results. We just keep electing the same old same old.

    2. please stay in the party to help change the party for the better

      If all the good conservative people leave the party then the liberals in the party will end up winning

      look at Pat Buchanan when he left the party it did not help him it is only by staying in the party and keep challenging and promoting the conservative message that anything positive change can happen

      1. This does not help the fight to keep the party conservitive. If you are a good person and conservitive please change back we need you

    3. I am a NC Republican who is only remaining Republican so that I can vote in Primaries. I voted for twice. He has become one of the biggest RINO’s in the Senate, and I will not vote for him again. Nor would I ever vote for Thom Tillis again. They both pretend to fight against Obama’s corruption. But they are not. If you track the process of how things get done in Congress, the RINO’s are very clever about appearing to fight while always enabling Obama to get what he wants. A decent Congress would have impeached him and/or tried and convicted Obama of treason long ago. I will give both Burr and Tillis credit for not approving Loretta Lynch for AG. But they may have known she was going to be confirmed anyway. The NC Republican Party is just a little better than the really corrupt NC Democrat Party. Republican voters deserve much better than one step above aiding and abetting the enemy.

      1. On Lynch, both Tillis and Burr voted FOR Lynch on the key vote to approve her nomination. That was the vote on cloture, the vote where Lynch could have been stopped by only 41 Senators. Tillis and Burr voted for her before they voted against her, by voting for the important vote, the cloture vote, before casting a show vote against her on the final vote. That scam is a long term tactic of Lindsay Graham of SC and now used often by Tricky Dick Burr.

  2. The misgivings of one rogue “showman” whose hiring is, to many inconceivable, does not represent the intent nor the morality of our party, Larry.

    The problem lies in CC. I’ll guarantee Ex. Comm. isn’t happy if they are paying attention.

    Change is eminent. More than one needs to hit the road.

    1. To be sure, many non-legislator members of the ExComm are unhappy to differing degrees ranging from mildly disgusted to completely outraged. If this wasn’t so, the pending Motion to Impeach the National Committeeman wouldn’t have as many signatures as it does.

      1. how many signatures does it have and will a meeting ever be rescheduled to be able to bring it up. I heard it will be after the new year but seriously the meeting should have been giving notice by now

        1. Ask your buddies on the coast, they’re heading up this thing. Last I heard, it was somewhere in the 50-80 range but I’m not sure of my info.

  3. Woodhouse seems to call the shots in the NCGOP these days instead of the chairman. FIrst, he makes Burr the keynote speaker at the Hall of Fame, with no role at all for the conservative primary candidates, which was way out of line in favoring one primary candidate over another. Now this.

    This letter even lies about Burr’s record. Burr stands left of center in the ratings of the key national conservative groups, but this letter falsely claims otherwise.

    Woodhouse is abusing his position to favor his preferred candidates in primaries. Hiring him was stupid. Keeping him is even more stupid. He is violating party rules in a big way.

    The party needs to take some major corrective action on this fiasco and take it soon. Firing Woodhouse would be a key step, but now the party also needs to make it very clear in a very public way that it is neutral in the primary. One thing they should do is put links to all Senate primary candidate websites on the party website where they can easily be found.

  4. The hits just keep on comin’ !

    Now the NCGOP website is promoting Richard Burr’s twitter feed–


  5. I just spoke with Dallas Woodhouse. He said Burr’s twitter feed will be taken off the NCGOP website soon, and that he will “consider” posting on the website an apology for the fundraising letter endorsing Burr.

    I’d suggest nobody hold their breath waiting for that to happen!

    Larry Holmquist

  6. I have ZERO intentions of voting for burr. he is a democrat rino.
    Larry please open a twitter account. Lots of NC conservatives there that despise burr.
    they can promote him all they want WE know he is crap and needs to GO NOW

    1. The legislators started this stuff with Tillis. I was reprimanded severely for implying that I was critical of a candidate. Then a legislator gets up at our Convention and practically tells everyone if they did not vote for Tillis, they should not be a member of the GOP.

  7. The letter is an indisputable violation of the NCGOP Plan of Organization.

    Further, according to Mr. Holmquist, Mr. Woodhouse has conceded vulnerability.

    Pursue this. Mercilessly.

    Richard Carter Jr

    1. no #removetheRINOs and give us back a conservative party that is based on the founding fathers Judeo-Christian Ethics

  8. I hope this was not Hassan’s doing but he should have read it first. This is what the letter read from Craig Collins when he was an for chair. It’s why the grass roots opposed him. Deals made and outside huge money are also in play here. Party don’t go third party or independent. The democrat will win. Senate and defunding obamacare and planned parenthood are in the balance. So is national security in Jan of 2017 when we fumigate the White House.

  9. Senator Burr is a statesman and all North Carolinians can be proud to call him our Senator. He along with Senator Tillis give North Carolina perhaps the two strongest leaders in the entire Senate. The Party is merely assisting in maintaining North Carolina’s strong position in the Senate. Bless them for this. Bless them indeed for moving North Carolina forward.

    1. Yeah, yeah, and Dallas is a straight up guy. The CC’s only concerned with adhering to our platform. Daesh ia really a peaceful, gentle, loving movement. The earth is flat, and Graham for President.

    2. Bull. They say what the people want to hear and then do what they want too. That’s why I left the republican party.

      1. They come home and tell us what we want to hear (mostly) then go to DC and do what the special interests want them to do. It is embarrassing for our state when Richard Burr moves so far left that his voting record is now more liberal than Lindsay Graham or John McCain. That wasn;t how Burr voted the last time he ran, and that was not what he pledged to the voters. Has he had an ideology change operation? Perhaps a lobotomy? North Carolina simply HAS to do better.

        We have some genuine fighters for conservative principles in the House from NC, Walter Jones and Mark Meadows, but our Senate delegation is really pathetic. It is shameful to see Burr and Tillis disgracing the seats once held by Jesse Helms and John East.

        Conservatives need to stay and fight, not cut and run. Registering unaffiliated just neuters your political impact, while registering Democrat helps the socialist enemy.

    3. Hey jr cooper–

      Why don’t you just run along and find a democrat/liberal blog to play on?

      People on this site have a serious job to do–like saving the country from the mess you and your friends have created!

      Larry Holmquist

  10. Burr and Tillis are nothing but RINO’s. Tillis should be flogged for putting forth a bill to expand foreign worker VISA’s, especially given the amount of US citizens that are out of work. I hope his bill fails miserably. Stay the course, we need conservatives in the Senate, Lord knows!

  11. This type of crap is why I will never again donate to NCGOP or any other like it (NCSCC, NC Senatorial Campaign, etc.)

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