#ncsen: Ms. Debbie sez DON’T TRUST THE OLD PEOPLE

ROSSOh, yes she did: 

In a legislative year that sought to silence women, Rep. Deborah Ross remained a vocal and active fighter against Amendment One at events all across the Triangle region. The five-term representative even scolded pro-Amendment One lawmakers from the floor of the General Assembly, saying “The next generation does not view this the way that you do. The next generation is more open, more loving, more tolerant. I frankly trust the next generation more than I trust my elders.” […] 

She’s a smooth talker with a law degree.  She’s, um, somewhat easy on the eyes (I’m told.  Maybe after a few drinks? Around last call?). She knows the issues and has c267dda4da1eb18c3616add73ce588b33e8ff89fdebated rings around Thom Thilli$.  Richard Burr, on the other hand, is Mr. Bean with a Southern accent.  You don’t know what the man is going to say or do next.  Miz Ross is Hillary Clinton on steroids.  If Hillary in The White House scares you, Miz Debbie slithering around the Senate giving everybody the stink-eye should definitely send a shiver down your spine.  

Once again, conservatives have a dilemma.  We had a nominee in 2014 we weren’t thrilled with, but an incumbent we really couldn’t take six more years of.  A lot of people voted for the lesser of two evils and now we’re stuck with Capt. ‘Aisle-crosser,’ his F conservative rating, and his peach-fuzz beard for six years.

Now, in 2016, we’re living it all over again just like Bill Murray did in that movieburr

Burr told us once that the concept  of defunding ObamaCare was “the dumbest idea” he’d ever heard of.  What does Miz Debbie think of that charlie-foxtrot called ObamaCare?:

[…] When asked about the Affordable Care Act, Ross said the bill wasn’t perfect but “has certainly done much more good than it has done harm to the healthcare system.” For example, she said the act could do more to decrease the cost of prescription drugs. The act, sometimes called Obamacare, significantly reformed the American healthcare system. Among other things, the Affordable Care Act aimed to improve the affordability of healthcare insurance and lower the rate of uninsured people in America.[…]

Oh, and Miz Debbie is ready to get tough on them terrorists:

[…] On national security, Ross said it’s important for America to actively work with its allies and share intelligence. In America, she said law enforcement and intelligence agencies have to work in collaboration to root out home-grown terrorism. […] 

lesser-of-two-evilsOh, okay.  Your local police department teaming up with the CIA.  *What could go wrong there?*

Maybe she’s talking about more thoroughly frisking those old ladies in wheelchairs at the airport.  *As the former head of the state ACLU, she KNOWS those people are more dangerous than the head-scarf wearing ‘allah akbar’ howlers. * 

.  We’re in a lesser-of-two evils scenario.  That surly women’s studies professor who screams at you for daring to hold the door for her vs. Mr. Bean.   WE ARE SOOOOOOOO SCREWED. 


7 thoughts on “#ncsen: Ms. Debbie sez DON’T TRUST THE OLD PEOPLE

  1. Yep… come November, regardless of which one “wins”, we all lose that race.

    I’m not picking one of those…it’s not a real choice, and at least I can look myself in the mirror and say, “No, you did not actively hand your support to that idiot”.

    There’s a Libertarian on the ballot, right? Fine.. I’ll vote for that. 🙂

    Maybe next time around, the GOP might be able to put up a candidate I could support. *shrug*

    1. Here is a thought. Write in Lt. Dan Forest for both Gov and Burr’s seat. He is one of the best we have in NC at the moment.

  2. If there was EVER a time for the Libertarian Party to nominate a presentable, credible, articulate, true alternative to these two liberal fools it is now.

    But no. We get pizza delivering, beer swilling, Napoleon Dynamite again.

  3. Yes, but it’s us OLD FOLKS who recall the disastrous policies made by Democrats from 30-50 years ago that Ms. Ross and her ilk cannot possibly remember and will not be able to avoid repeating! No good can come of that.

  4. Oh well! I won’t cast another vote for Burr just to save it from the looney Dem. Selecting Burr just says we’re tolerate of our loon; I don’t want that. Burr is banking a lot of money (pension) at the expense of the taxpayer. I’d like to compare his retirement plan from the Senate versus what I get a Veteran that served our Country for 28 years. I’m sure Burr doesn’t go to the VA or use TRICARE for medical. F#&k Burr and all the RINO’s

  5. “She’s, um, somewhat easy on the eyes (I’m told. Maybe after a few drinks? Around last call?)”

    Well. Maybe if space aliens thinly disguised as human beings are your thing.

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