David Lewis aide seeking to replace his boss as NC’s RNC rep

If you can’t have the job, having someone in place who you can control is just as good. 

The ever-so-controversial state Rep. David Lewis announced earlier he was stepping down as one of North Carolina’s two representatives on the Republican National Committee..  He survived a no-confidence vote with the help of some NCGOP cronies, but he was not likely to survive the wrath of ”the great unwashed” who would show up at the NCGOP’s state convention in May.

State Rep. Mark Brody had already announced his intention to run — prior to Lewis stepping down.  But Lewis aide Greg Gebhardt is stepping up to try and fill his boss’s controversial shoes: 

Fellow Conservatives,

I know the American Dream is alive and well. dl

As many of you know, I came from very humble beginnings. I was raised in a single parent home by a mother who worked three jobs to make ends meet; I easily could have been a statistic. However, through hard work and determination I am living the American dream which is why we must continue fighting to make sure future generations have the same opportunities we’ve enjoyed. 

I am running for RNC National Committeeman because, like you, I love our Party and want to hand it off to our children and grandchildren in better shape than it was handed to us. 

Our success can be realized by holding true to these three things:

Gratitude: I am extremely thankful for the countless number of Conservatives who have come before my generation and shown us what it means to be a Republican.

Greatness: Our Nation is “a shining city upon a hill” and through the promotion of conservative values by great leaders we will remain the best country in the world.

Growth: The Republican Party must expand if we are going to remain the party that folks turn to for steadfast leadership during uncertain times.

We must restore our nation to the Constitutional Republic that our founding fathers intended it to be if we are to live the American Dream and enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. download (11)

It’s time we take our party back for future generations. It’s our RNC. It’s our America.


Greg Gebhardt
Veteran, Father, Husband, Small Business Owner

Oops.  *He forgot to add in ”legislative aide to Rep. David Lewis” and “reelection campaign manager for Rep. Lewis” in that list of titles.* 

And ”take our party back”?  From who?  His BOSS, who has been holding that RNC position for years now?   By “Our RNC” does he mean he, his boss, and their cronies on the Central Committee? 


9 thoughts on “David Lewis aide seeking to replace his boss as NC’s RNC rep

  1. At this point it time please return to the top of the page and read the quote on the banner ad for Mark Brody for NCGOP national committeeman

  2. It’s important that we send a message to the state party elite that we want real change and a
    CLEANSING of the corrupt establishment,
    Ron Margiotta—Wake County

    1. The message to the state party will have to be sent at the ex com meeting April 30th otherwise come convention time the following weekend it might be too late

  3. What has this guy ever done in the Republican Party organization? Anything at all? He does not mention a single thing. Being David Lewis’ personal go-fer does not qualify. National Committeeman is NOT an entry level position in the party!

    Brody has served several years on the NCGOP state Executive Committee, so he does have some party credentials. From an experience standpoint, he meets the basic requirements, and on the policy level he seems outstanding. Gebhardt does not qualify in either respect.

  4. It is understandable that people would naturally place guilt by association on Mr. Gebhardt I can tell you otherwise, Greg is a fine, upstanding young man who should be judged on his own merit. He has served as a Precinct Chair, District Treasurer, made thousands of phone calls and knocked on countless doors on behalf of conservative candidates and aside from politics, served our Country honorably for eight years. To cast aspersions on this fine human being because of his association with Mr.Lewis in this particular case is wrong; do your research – he will pass with flying colors. Greg can affect positive change, something our State Party desperately needs.

    1. Maybe that background qualifies him to be a county chairman, but hardly for a National Committeeman. In addition, his policy statements were bland gibberish.

      Stark has a background with Lewis, and we see what we got there. A background with Lewis is a huge red flag. Sorry, with what is going on in the party, that is a bridge too far.

  5. It is more than association. He not only worked for Lewis he worked to get him re-elected so he must believe what Lewis is/was doing is good. You do not campaign for a person that you do not share the same ideology or goals.

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