Peace @ The NCGOP?

Well, the Israelis and the Palestinians managed to pull it off on a few occasions. It looks like the politicos on the central committee and chairman Hasan Harnett may be close to kissing and making up:

From: Hasan Harnett <>
Date: 4/19/16 10:56 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: Hasan Harnett <>
Subject: Reconciliation: NCGOP Executive Committee

Dear Members of the NCGOP Executive Committee;

After many weeks of intensive debate and deliberation on the appropriate roles and responsibilities of the Party Chairman and Central Committee, and after a number of unfortunate allegations of illegal behavior by both parties, I am pleased to report the members of the NCGOP Central Committee and I are in the final stagehippies of consummating a reconciliation document. I am encouraged by the contents of the draft reconciliation document that was addressed on April 12th, 2016. I have returned it with some proposed minor revisions to clarify a few statements and to make it more complete. This document should provide our leadership with a framework for working together with greater harmony and respect as we jointly pursue efforts to grow our party and raise essential funds for the fall elections.

I look forward to seeing and speaking with many of you at our Annual Convention in Greensboro, May 6-8, 2016. If you haven’t already done so, please navigate to our Convention website to register at your earliest convenience.

With warm regards,

Hasan Harnett
Chairman, NCGOPHasan-Harnett

Oh, and here is a text of where this reported reconciliation stands.  (You’ll notice that it is “Draft 9.” )  

I’ll have to give Harnett credit.  I don’t think that I could ever work in a peaceful, trustful, cooperative manner with people who had treated me like he’s been treated.  Talk about turning the other cheek. Forgiving and forgetting. 

7 thoughts on “Peace @ The NCGOP?

    1. What they’re doing is making it seem like they’re working with Hasan, give the LiberTEA activists a reason NOT to come on April 30th and then flood the meeting with anti-Hasan establishment voters and take back control of the party.

  1. I would imagine this means that the Governor told everyone to wake up and that we have bigger fish to fry

  2. It is good to see that there are some adults in the room who can see the big picture and have stepped back from the brink. It looks like the circular firing squad is stepping down. This agreement has some significant flaws, but those pale beside the flaw of not achieving some sort of agreement to keep the party from going to war with itself in a critical election year.

  3. There is no reconciliation according to an email I received from the Central Committee. The April 30 meeting is still on and nothing has changed,

  4. I want to be there but can see how at the moment. But I support the chairman and my county executive committee will know today. I truly feel he is being railroaded. I have read everything and even found a difference in something I read. There are, I feel, alot of half truths out there. And as for this witch hunt circumstantial evidence only. These are just mu thoughts. I could say more but won’t.

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