#NCSEN: Giving Kay a helping hand

haganYep.  You read that right.  You can just imagine that –when you’re scurrying all over the nation scooping up special interest money — it can be a challenge to find time to sit down and properly fill out your campaign finance disclosure forms. 

Well, being the southern gentlemen we are here, we thought we’d take a moment to help out our state’s junior US senator in this area.  Cecilia Boone of Austin, TX is listed on Senator Sock Puppet’s financial disclosure form as not having an employer and being “a homemaker.”Actually, a simple Google search helped me discover that Ms. Boone — who donated $2600 to Hagan on May 7 — is the chairman of Planned Parenthood Foundation of America.  Yep — ground zero for The Abortion Fan Club.™  

Aimee Boone, also, of Texas, is listed on Hagan’s campaign finance form as being without employment and “retired.”  A Google search helped me determine that she is — in fact — VP of Development for Planned Parenthood of North Texas.   (She reportedly donated $2500 to Hagan on May 20.)

Hagan’s campaign finance form also IDs donor Rebecca Bruder of Texas as simply being without an employer.  We thought it was pretty significant to mention that she is the Dallas Co-Chair of Planned Parenthood of North Texas’ capital campaign. (She donated $750 to Hagan.)

Amy Fikes of Dallas, TX is IDed on Kay’s donor forms as “retired.”  She donated $2600 to our girl Kay on March 29.  Of course, Google notes that she and her husband made news by donating $250,000 to Planned Parenthood during the time the organization’s continued government funding was being debated.

Add that to the other abortion-related contributions we reported on earlier, and you really start to see a pattern here.  Of course The Abortion Fan Club™ crowd is proud of Our Kay.  they endorsed her in early 2013 — praising her for her efforts in fighting efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

There’s one more — outside the abortion area — that I need to call attention to.  Kay’s report identifies donor Phyllis Frias of Las Vegas as a “homemaker” without a place of employment. A simple Google search found that Ms. Frias owns and runs one of the largest taxi cab companies in Nevada. 

This is the least we could do for Our Kay.  We’re always standing by — ready to, um, *help*.