#NCSEN: Burr vs. Blue in ’16?

THAT is th180px-Dan_Bluee spin that is making its way around our fair capital city these days.  Sources in the know up that way tell me that operatives close to Hillary Clinton are encouraging former state House speaker, and current Senate Democrat leader, Dan Blue to file against incumbent US Senator Richard Burr (R).

Burr has really weak numbers for a two-term incumbent.  He has problems with the party’s conservative base.  But the Democrats are at a loss to find someone to throw up against him.  National Democrats recognize the importance of North Carolina at the presidential level.  Right now, there is nothing on the 2016 ballot to really drive blacks and other Democrat base voters to the polls. (Obama can’t run again.) And we all saw how unenthused black leaders were with Hillary in 2008.burr

Here is the deal reportedly being pitched:   File against Burr, and achieve a win-win scenario regardless of the election results.  A six-year stint in the Senate or a sweet job in the new Clinton administration.

db2If the elder Blue passes,  his son — Dan Blue III — could also be an intriguing choice.  The younger Blue is a Raleigh attorney, a former Wake County Democrat Party chairman, and a regular on NC Spin.  He’s a player in the state Democrat Party, and has a respected, famous name to trade on.  (Ask Justice Ervin how well that works.) 

Let’s keep an eye on this one.