#NCSEN: An Orwellian endorsement

selloutNational Right to Life has left quite a few people scratching their heads over its endorsement of Thom Tillis in North Carolina’s GOP US Senate primary.  “Tillis is ‘the best candidate to defeat pro-abortion Kay Hagan’ in November” screams the headline from NRL’s web site.

That’s basically the same language Gov. Pat used in his endorsement of Tillis last week. (It’s interesting timing that this endorsement comes just after Gov, Pat returns from his junket to The Nation’s Capital.)

It’s the same spin that so many establishment types are using to push people into Tillis’ corner.  The problem?  Polling does not support that spin.   If you go by the average results each candidate in the primary has earned in the polls, Ted Alexander is best positioned to beat Hagan, followed by Greg Brannon and then Mark Harris.  Heather Grant and Thom Tillis are — according to the polls — the worst positioned to beat Hagan in November.

It’s interesting that Right to Life passed over a Baptist preacher (Harris) and an OB-GYN who also serves as the medical director for a crisis pregnancy center (Brannon) to pick Tillis.  It’s interesting to note that Brannon had siginificant input in crafting each of the bills NRL mentioned in their endorsement. ( Brannon has been a regular resource for legislators seeking to craft legislation relating to abortion and women’s health.) It’s also interesting to note that Tillis helped water down several abortion-related provisions in proposed legislation, and even struggled to move some abortion-related legislation through the House. 


The NRA has taken some heat from The Right by endorsing some candidates with less-than-stellar records on The Second Amendment.  It’s been said the organization is trying to make nice with the DC establishment — get back on the invite list for those Georgetown cocktail parties. Perhaps National Right to Life is merely operating off of what Gov. McCrory, the NRSC and the RNC have been telling them.  Perhaps they’re wanting to be liked, too — just like the NRA. 

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  1. I think the National Right to Life wants to defeat Kay Hagan and replace her with the conservative Thom Tillis. It is as simple as that. They are not alone in the belief that Thom Tillis is our best chance to replace Kay Hagan. I think most believe Thom Tillis has the best chance because of his stellar record as Speaker of the House.

    1. Let’s see how “conservative” your buddy Thom is..


      ouch. I suppose he looks like a Conservative to a rabid Progressive, but the real Conservatives at Civitas saw him for what he really is. The sad thing is he’s going to spend a million or so dollars on TV ads calling himself a Conservative during the primary and the low information voters might actually believe him.

      Now about that “our best chance” thing. NRL, McCrory, and the establishment of the NCGOP see Tillis as the most electable because he has a llooooong history of sucking up to the lobbyists and promising them favors in return for big cash. Is that really what we need to represent the citizens of North Carolina? Do we really want to run a Crony Capitalist against Hagan?

    2. Social issue conservatives will likely want to know what National Right ot Life was smoking once they learn that the leading money man in the country bankrolling the pro gay marriage campaign in the various states, Paul Singer, held a fundraiser among like minded people in New York City recently for Thom Tilli$ and raised $280,000 for him.

      Last March, Tilli$ ducked a number of Republican events in North Carolina to jet out to Colorado to attend a conference of another organization of rich people whose main goals were to promote amnesty for illegal aliens and gay marriage. Tilli$ is bought and paid for by the wrong people.

    3. Right. Supported by Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, Orrin Hatch and John Boehner. Conservative? LOL. Not a chance.

  2. It’s nuts. No other way to put it. Endorsing a primary candidate with the weakest pro-life position undercuts NRL’s purpose and credibility.

    1. The National Right to Life PAC has also endorsed the king squish of the Senate, progressive Mitch McConnell in his Kentucky primary with conservative Matt Bevin. As far as I can see, the only two GOP primary endorsements made by this organization this year are a pair of anti-conservative squishes. This is an organization that is in bed with the establishment and simply not to be trusted. The next time I get a fundraising letter from these quislings, I think I will attach a brick to their postpaid envelope.

      As to McConnell, Glen Beck was at a conservative conference in Kentucky last weekend and called McConnell a bigger threat to freedom than even Barack Obama.

  3. National Right to Life has a long history of endorsing people for weird reasons that have nothing to do with being the strongest supporter of their cause. They have long endorsed weak sisters who later stab them in the back. One good example is the raft of ”Right to Life Democrats” who voted for Obamacare in spite of its provisions on abortions. NRTL had endorsed many of them in general elections over Republicans who were genuine supporters of Right to Life.

    I have read that in Georgia there is now a breakaway Right to Life group due to some of the weird politics of the RTL establishment.

    The one who must really be pulling his hair out is Mark Harris, but these NRTL fools have endorsed the one candidate in the primary who is most likely to stab them in the back.

  4. Here is the blah, blah reply I received from the squishes at the NRL today after telling them I believe they were bought off by the DC Insiders:

    Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 14:44:40 -0400
    Subject: Re: Tillis Endorsement
    Dear Mason,

    Thank you for taking the time to write. We do appreciate your input. While you do not agree with our endorsement in the North Carolina Republican primary, we should agree that Kay Hagan must be defeated.

    We do believe that the strong support that Thom Tillis has given as Speaker to the very successful efforts to pass pro-life legislation has earned him our endorsement. We also believe that he is the strongest candidate to defeat Kay Hagan.

    Thank you again for writing and thank you for your prayers and efforts on behalf of unborn children.

    National Right to Life

    1. Either you are dealing with morons who cannot read polls or with squishes who sell out to the establishment. That is true in both races where they have endorsed GOP squishes. Bevin poll better in the general election than McConnell in Kentucky, and Brannon polls better in the general election in North Carolina than Tillis.

      I was at a GOP meeting tonight where several people indicated that this asinine endorsement had opened their eyes to NRTL and they would never contribute to it again.

      1. My wife wrote NRTL today informing them they would be receiving no more checks from this household. Maybe they can understand that.

  5. The Political Elite are falling all over themselves and pulling out all the stops to get their boy elected. Thom Tillis is already so indebted to the DC Establishment he will never represent the people of NC. The Good People of NC have had it with these games & will have something to say about it on May 6.

    1. In South Carolina, all the challengers to Lindsay Graham, who is the Thom Tilli$ of that state, have made a pact to all back whoever makes the runoff with Graham. All of the candidates to the right of progressive Tilli$ should do the same in North Carolina.

      1. “In South Carolina, all the challengers to Lindsay Graham, who is the Thom Tilli$ of that state, have made a pact to all back whoever makes the runoff with Graham. All of the candidates to the right of progressive Tilli$ should do the same in North Carolina.”


  6. I have lost all respect for NRL. Complete sellouts! Please forward this to other conservative news outlets.

  7. I remember reading something about Brannon talking about Georgia and Florida wanted to abort children up to three months after birth?

    Do you think that may be the reason they did not endorse Brannon?

    What is the latest on what they are doing down there in Georgia and Florida? I always thought those folk down there were pretty laid back but this sounds serious.

  8. Someone mentioned to me the likely way this endorsement happened, and it makes sense. Skip Stam is a legislator who is ”Mr. Right to Life” in the legislature and has been for a long time. He is the RTL organization’s ”go-to” guy in the legislature. He has also endorsed Tilli$ and been active on Tilli$’ behalf.

    Stam is an unguided missile on issues outside of right to life, most of which he does not care about or focus on, and therefore takes positions all over the political landscape. That has gotten Stam very crosslegged with the Tea Party and many other conservatives.

    Stam would do anything for Tilli$, including fudging Tilli$ electability and record on RTL issues in order to further Tilli$’ campaign. Stam would also have access to and credibility with the highest levels of the Right to Life organization.

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