#NCSEN: A disconnect with the church-going crowd?

votePolling from Raleigh-based American Insights says both of the major parties’ US Senate candidates have some work to do in appealing to church-going voters. ┬áSome of the key findings? :

  • Faith driven voters are one-third of the total North Carolina electorate
  • Ninety-five percent of those folks see voting as a┬áresponsibility
  • Forty-seven percent of respondents said current candidates connect poorly with them
  • Twenty-seven percent say they identify with the Democrat Party
  • Twenty-six percent say Kay Hagan represents them well
  • Forty-five percent of respondents say they identify with the GOP
  • Thirty-eight percent say Thom Tillis represents them well

4 thoughts on “#NCSEN: A disconnect with the church-going crowd?

  1. This should come as no surprise. The RNC and GOP Establishment are fast disassociating the party from the Christian community. Christians aren’t dumb; they can see this and react accordingly. When the Republican Party collapses as a national entity, Christians will be at the forefront of the new Conservative Party in America.

  2. Yep; and that’s why we must rescue the party from the Raleigh-D.C. consultant class..

    They’re idiots politically,

    while Mr. Tillis ~should~ be touting pro life principles up and down this state. (Outside of a few pockets) North Carolina is extremely pro-life, and Kay Hagan has voted for radical pro-abortion policies..

    I don’t get it.. the Republican Party truly is the ~stupid~ party?!

    1. Nobody is THAT stupid, JJ, hence the only explanation remaining is that the top leadership of the Republican Party in Washington AND Raleigh, have turned on Conservatives. They might not be disguised agents of the Democrats but the effect is the same. Either we recapture the NCGOP in 2015 or we bolt to the already existing Conservative Party of NC.


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