#ncpol: Solar goons teaming with Hudson to sink claws into tax $$$ for hydropower?

That’s what it looks like.  Here’s an excerpt from Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s schedule for the House floor this coming week:


Check out HR 2786, sponsored by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC-08).  “Qualifying”?  Qualifying for what?  Government cash and tax incentives, perhaps? 

This release from the House Energy Committee explains that the bill “promotes the development” of small hydroelectric plants and “eases regulatory burdens” on developing them.   North Carolina state government offers generous incentives for hydroelectric plants.

The feds have also got some sweet incentives — cash and tax breaks — for hydropower.  The trick IS getting qualified for the incentives.  Looks like Hudson’s bill takes care of that — makes things easier. 

Jay Faison, the Charlotte developer whose cash is fueling the NCGOPe stampede onto the alternative energy / solar bandwagon, is also quite excited about hydropower. 

Here’s a 2015 article where Hudson describes himself as “undecided” about whether to extend the federal tax credit for alternative energy development.




3 thoughts on “#ncpol: Solar goons teaming with Hudson to sink claws into tax $$$ for hydropower?

  1. So, lemme get this straight…
    I get my taxes hit to support the subsidies these goons “need” to make their “renewable” energy schemes work economically. (Doesn’t “investment” mean “risking your own money to make more money in the future”?) Then, my power bill gets hit to support the extra-expensive cost of producing this “renewable” energy. And I also have to keep paying the power company to maintain professionally-run and dependable coal, gas, nuclear, and REAL hydro plants which must be available 24/7/365 whether or not the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, or the small streams are flowing during an extended drought.

    How ’bout we just pay the power company for the professionally-run and dependable power, and forget all this other junk?

  2. Hydro power is a heck of a lot better for the ratepayer than solar or wind. Solar and wind are the most expensive methods of electricity generation out there, while hydro is the cheapest, Hydro is also dependable and constant while wind and solar are intermittent and undependable and therefore have to have expensive backup.

    However, none of this should be subsidized by government, and therefore the taxpayers. It is obnoxious corporate welfare

    It is also ironic that not too many years ago, environmentalists were demanding removal of small dams, most of which were producing electricity, and the government was subsidizing that. It is almost like paying one set of people to dig holes and another set to fill them back up.

    Hudson is riding the big spending / corporate welfare horse and is not serving the people. I am sure he is expecting political contributions from being a servant of these special interests. Perhaps they have already been promised. Quid pro quo.

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