Mr. Twiddy Goes to Raleigh (in 2020?)

It’s the worst kept secret in the world that Lt. Governor Dan Forest is seeking to evict Roy Cooper from that big house on Raleigh’s Blount Street in 2020.

That means Lt. Dan’s current job will be open in 2020.  It appears that Outer Banks businessman (and Republican) Clark Twiddy is giving some serious thought to filling that void.

Twiddy knows Dan Forest already — having served with him on the NC Community College Board.  Twiddy is a retired Navy Lt. Commander who currently runs his family’s real estate business on the Outer Banks.

According to his website, Twiddy’s campaign platform will focus heavily on education.  He’s staked himself out as a foe of Common Core.  Twiddy is also promoting the idea of encouraging more college-bound students to complete their core coursework at the state’s more cost-effective community colleges.

13 thoughts on “Mr. Twiddy Goes to Raleigh (in 2020?)

  1. I begin my public support for Clark Twiddy by saying you will have to search far and wide to find a more admirable individual.

    Browny Douglas
    Dare GOP Ch

  2. I have also heard Nat Robertson, Mayor of Fayetteville’s name mentioned as a potential Lt Gov candidate…..He would run circles around Twiddy.

  3. We don’t need another “education Governor”. Edukation is already a big enough drain on the state’s taxpayers, producing a declining product. Every governor wants to take that easy route as “education” and/or “roads” governor. WHAT ABOUT A “tax lowering” governor?

  4. It doesn’t really matter at this point who is thinking about the Lt. Governor’s job. My issue is with that loser Pat McCrory actually thinking he can unseat the current Gov., Roy Cooper.

    Cool your jets down Pat. Your the loser from the 2016 election. Face the truth none of us in the GOP needs another loser. I know your ego and ambitions are larger then life, but you forget that the real deal for 2020 is Dan Forest as governor.
    So let the Lt. Gov. job be settled in the future.

    Clear the slate for a real candidate like Dan Forest!

  5. The key to which candidate to support is their core beliefs and whether they match with Republican and conservative principles. Their past record as to political activity and policy positions is highly relevant.

    Personally, I have had a belly full of the idea of a big city mayor in state office. Just look at the disaster that was the McCrory administration to understand why. He had no clue as to how to put together an administration, and having half his cabinet being non-Republicans was an insult. Ditto a go along / get along legislator who panders to the special interests and kowtows to the liberal leadership.

    The past history of political contributions and policy positions will need to be put under a microscope for all of these guys.

    Education is a key policy area, and we need someone who understands that the problem is not just throwing more money at it, which has been a failure. We need a real elimination of all of Common Core, not thte windowdressing “repeal” foisted upon us by Bill Cobey and company. We need to break up government dominance of education by building more charter schools and increasing the use of vouchers. We need to get liberal indoctrination and “political correctness” out of the curriculum of public schools.

    But there are lots of other important issues, too, from social to economic to limited government and basic freedom. We do not need a johnny one note.

    Activists need to do a solid job in vetting candidates for governor and lt. governor. Pull up their political contribution records for a start.

  6. I think Neal Robbins of North State Journal-fame may be interested in the 2nd spot as well. Super smart individual.

    1. The North State Journal is hack establishment crap. We should run, not walk, away from anyone connected to that rag.

  7. From my Twitter feed (@richardcarterjr):

    “No one knows better than a parent or guardian the best education for their child.”


    “I submit education funding should follow the child. Public? Private? Homeschool? Parents choose, funding follows.”

    Richard Carter Jr

  8. Met Clark Twiddy at a Mark Meadows fundraiser this weekend. The ideas he shared with me about education seemed practical and conservative. Of course you can only get so much from a 10 minute conversation but he supports Dan Forest for governor, couldn’t stop singing the praises of Mark Meadows and my wife said he had the mannners of a true southern gentleman.
    Probably means the NCGOP is out recruiting an establishment candidate to run against him as we speak.

    1. I met his campaign manager and 3 volunteers at the Red White and BBQ event afterwards. Its Doug Raymond. Look on YouTube for some of his appearances on NC Spin. He’s about as far from establishment as you can get.

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