#ncpol: ONLY TEN senators (None named Burr or Tillis) vote to clamp down on visas for folks from jihad countries

burrIt’s come out that at least one of the San Bernardino shooters pledged allegiance to ISIS prior to partaking in the slaughter of those innocent people at the county building. And how did the “honorables” on Capitol Hill — that Republican majority — react? Let’s see: 

[…] The amendment, offered by Sen. Rand Paul, would have suspended visa issuances to more than 30 Muslim countries with active Jihadist populations. Graham and Rubio were both members of the Gang of Eight, which proposed legislation that would expand Muslim immigration, and Paul and Cruz were both opponents of the Gang of Eight bill.

Graham and Rubio’s vote against curbing Muslim migration follows the attack in San Bernardino. The male suspect, Syed Farook, is the son of Pakistani immigrants; and the female suspect, Farook’s wife, Tashfeen Malik, was a Pakistani native. According to CNN, the two met, “when he [Farook] had gone to Saudi Arabia in 2013 on the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims are required to take at last once in their lifetime. It was during this trip that he met Malik, a native of Pakistan who came to the United States in July 2014 on a ‘fiancée visa’ and later became a lawful permanent resident.”thomsigh

Sen. Paul’s amendment failed 89-10, with only nine other Senators joining Paul’s bid for a halt to the large-scale distribution of visas to nations with jihadist populations. The nine others supporting Paul’s amendment were:  Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)  Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)  Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY)  Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)   Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS)   Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) Sen. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). […] 

As The Hill newspaper writes:

Paul’s amendment would place a ‘pause’ on issuing visas to more than 30 countries, that the Kentucky Republican said are ‘at a high risk for exporting terrorists.’ It would also require that individuals from countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program to either wait 30 days before coming to the United States or go through enhanced background and security checks, as well as requiring the government to perform additional screening on any admitted refugees. […]

burrtLet’s see.  No Lindsey Graham (R-SC) or Tim Scott (R-SC).  No Richard Burr (R-NC) or Thom Tillis (R-NC).
Somebody must have whispered the words “government shutdown” and spooked all of those RINOs.  ( I might be able to understand Tillis not voting for it. There’s no money to be made.) 

Burr, up for reelection in 2016, likes to tout his position as chairman of the Intelligence Committee and his alleged expertise on foreign affairs and national security.  Failing to support an amendment like this would indicate a serious lack of “Intelligence.”  

You can be like sheep and fall for his slick campaign ads and mailers touting his alleged conservatism.  And vote to send him back for six more years.   Or you can use your sacred privilege of voting to send Tricky Dick a much-needed and deserved message. 

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    1. That woman that Farook brought in on a K-1 visa has now been identified as having pledged her loyalty to ISIS. It would appear that she radicalized him. So, yes, these visas and the general issue of allowing Muslims from countries infected with jihad, into the US is a huge issue.

        1. Do you really believe anything that is on the Clinton News Network is not heavily spun? Boy, are you naive.

          1. The modus oporendi of Big Media on most things Muslim is to not tell the full story, or to imply a scenario they should know is not correct. The problems is deliberately leaving parts out to try to make things fit their agenda or at least not conflict with their agenda. Sometimes, they throw in an irrelevent fact like one Big Media report that mentioned that Planned Parenthood was a short distance away. The Clinton News Network (CNN) is one of the worst for politically biased spin.

          2. When you spin info to a particular bias and leave out those parts that are inconvenient to your narrative, then, yes, there is something wrong with it. But that is SOP for Big Media, and especially for the Clinton News Network.

          3. Well, no, it is Big Media like the Clinton News Network (CNN) which as part of their normal way of doing biz, disregards the facts and instead reports spin and political bias and ignores inconvenient facts that do not fit their ideological narrative. No wonder polls show that a solid majority of Americans do not trust them.

          4. From the linked article; “Neither Farook nor Malik were on any list of potentially radicalized people, and there are no clear ties to overseas terrorist groups as of now, officials said.”
            So do you know this to be incorrect?

          5. I don’t ignore them but at issue is the visa. She/they were radicalized AFTER her visa was issued. He was a U.S. citizen from birth.

          6. I see a lot of Speculation in the article you link to but no hard evidence. Also included in the article are these statements:
            “he school as no known extremist links,…”
            ‘Government and law enforcement agencies have never suspected us of spreading extremism – instead we preach the peaceful teachings of Islam and the prophet of Islam.’
            Authorities are trying to establish whether she had contact with radicals in either country.

          7. Well, like a typical liberal, you hide your head in the sand.

            This is actually a clear case of how vetting under the Obama administration does not work, since K-1 visas are supposed to be highly vetted, and Pakistan, unlike Syria has a functioning government where records can be crosschecked. While the government apparently never figured out that she gave a fictitious address, some in the less subservient elements of the media had no trouble in finding that out. It used to be that relatives involved with extremism would have disqualified her, but under Obama, they do not even check that any more.

          8. “It used to be that relatives involved with extremism would have disqualified her, but under Obama, they do not even check that any more.”
            Where do you get this information?

          9. I have read quite a few articles on the San Bernandino terrorists, but I do not recall offhand where I read that particular info. In fact, there were some articles even better to answer your points above, but I just grabbed one of the first ones I came to that refuted your point.

  1. They are all fakes! Greg Brannon understands the number one function of the Constitution and that is to defend our country. Elections have consequences and unfortunately for North Carolina, the outcome of the 2014 Senate elections, the consequences are horrific! If Greg were elected he would have voted with Cruz, Lee and Paul . Yet another reason why Paul and Lee endorsed him! I just hope that Greg Brannon will run again one day and give Paul, Lee and Cruz the support they so desperately need!!!

    1. I am sick of people saying Greg Brannon but I wonder were he is what is he doing for cause I do not see him fighting after he lost the primary and I voted for him in that election. If he is so great what has he been doing to help the party or the cause since.

      Really tell me cause I really would like to know ?? I am totally willing to change my opinion and be more supportive

      1. Sorry…I was asleep. How is this:

        Greg is out there fighting the fight…he didn’t stop. He is on the radio, Internet tv show, he is going around giving speeches and trying to educate and others about the Constitution. He didn’t lose the election and stop fighting…just the opposite…he is fighting harder! He has sacrificed tremendously for what he believes in and yet he continues the fight. He truly believes he may have lost the battle (the election) but will win the war. It was not nor will it ever be about Greg Brannon the man winning an election. It has always been about motivating others to join him in the war to save our God given rights.

        Greg is out there everyday living out what he is fighting for. The biggest, most humbling and hardest fight that he leads is to protect the sanctity of life. Everyone knows that he is pro-life but he does so much more than lip service or throw some money towards an organization. What the public doesn’t see is that teenager that goes to him as her doctor after her boyfriend has tried to get her to have an abortion. She is terrified and doesn’t know what to do. He not only sees her pro bono and gives her the expert care that he gives his paying patients, but he comforts her by giving her Bible verses and let’s her know it will be ok. What the public doesn’t see is the father of that teenager who is speechless at the level of care and true concern that Dr. Brannon shows his daughter and says, “I’ve never met another man like him! Dr. Brannon is a great man!” That is only one example of hundreds that Greg Brannon is a man of integrity who will always put his actions before his words and those actions speak volumes more than words ever could!

        You were right to support him the first time and hope that if he ever decides to run for another position, that you will continue to support him. He is the real deal and there are very few men like Greg Brannon!

  2. Burr needs to go. He is Terry Sanford in drag. Tillis does, too, but we have a few more years until we can accomplish that.

  3. Both Burr and Tillis voted to fund Obama’s executive amnesty by voting for the key vote, the one on cloture, to move that funding forward. They have always been weak links on immigration issues.

    Both Tillis and Burr also voted for cloture, the key vote, on the confirmation of radical Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Burr and TIllis are to blame for the US Now Loretta Lynch is saying that what she is worried about is not jihadists, it is people being mean to Muslims:


  4. Burr is obviously triangulating that conservatives aren’t paying attention and that Islamophilic Democrats aren’t going to use this as an issue against him.

  5. Bring on Greg Brannon…fast. Tricky Dick is worthless as a rep of the values of NC. He works for Obama and the K Street and Chamber Cronies.

    1. Burr is all for warrantless government snooping on US citizens and was on Fox News earlier this week advocating for that, but he wants to wave a white flag and let Obama bring all of these Muslims in from countries with jihad movements. Ted Cruz is on the other side of both issues, but then again, RIchard Burr votes more often with Harry Reid than with Ted Cruz.

      1. Cruz Primary voters in NC should remember that Burr despises Cruz and will work to obstruct Cruz if we send him to the White House.

  6. Before the republican RINO party took the senate Burr was busy voting/writing bills for block grant day care centers. Now there’s a conservative idea. A few years ago I called BURR’s office and asked them for one thing Burr had done for the tax payers of NC? The girl in a real sarcastic voice stated Burr does not work for the tax payers of NC. I said you know what you are exactly right.

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