NCGOP pushing ObamaCare defund resolution at August RNC meeting





The furor over Richard Burr’s “dumbest idea” comment has apparently pushed the NCGOP hierarchy into damage control mode:

Today North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Claude E. Pope, Jr., announced that the North Carolina delegation to the Republican National Committee would put forth a resolution at the RNC’s summer meeting.  The resolution calls on Congress to de-fund Obamacare and is supported by Chairman Pope, along with Dr. Ada Fisher, the National Committeewoman, and David Lewis, the National Committeeman.

“This could be our last opportunity to put a halt to one of the worst pieces of legislation in the history of our nation”, said Chairman Pope.  “As a small business owner, the impact of Obamacare on our business – and our employees – is severe, punitive, and chilling.  We already offer a comprehensive package of health, dental and disability benefits to our employees, but this legislation imposes a huge disincentive – through the 50-employee limit – to grow and create more jobs, and will immediately put the breaks on an already tenuous and anemic economic recovery.  Small businesses create over 70 percent of all jobs, and those business will now be looking at strategies designed to stay under that limit, further putting more downward pressure on job creation and economic recovery.” […]

While most North Carolinians — like most Americans — oppose the implementation of ObamaCare, the issue has divided the NCGOP hierarchy.  Prior to Senator Burr’s comments, Gov. Pat McCrory told us ObamaCare is “the law of the land” and we just need to deal with it.   State House speaker Thom Tillis echoed McCrory’s sentiments until the grassroots kicked into action.  Grassroots activists persuaded state legislators to refuse federal funding for establishing a health insurance exchange — a key component of ObamaCare.  

One of the most perplexing parts of this story is that the party platform adopted at the 2012 GOP convention in Tampa explicitly called for fighting ObamaCare tooth-and-nail.  

Why are we having to demand that the national party, and its leaders in Congress, adopt a position held by a majority of Americans AND explicitly spelled out in the party platform?

I have to give Chairman Pope some kudos here.  We would not have seen something like this from Robin Hayes.

I think — with this story — we need to take President Reagan’s advice to “Trust But Verify.”  (We’ve already had at least one episode where committee member Ada Fisher apparently promised us ONE THING and did ANOTHER.)