#ncga: The $1.3 million dollar man

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It’s good to be the king Speaker.

Speaker Tim Moore’s latest campaign finance reports indicate he has raised THIS ELECTION CYCLE $1,261,711.03, spent $355,502.45, and has $1,119,168.69 on-hand.  So, it looks like he does have a few coins to toss to the caucus campaign fund. (He, like Jason Saine and Kelly Hastings, had no opposition this go-around.) 

Here are some of the more recent highlights: 

  • Bring me the head of Nick Ochsner.  From March 24 to June 6, Moore’s campaign sent three payments totaling $22,146.17 to the Wall Street law firm of Carter, Ledyard & Milburn. (It’s the worst kept secret in Raleigh that this money is funding for Moore’s intimidation offensive against Charlotte’s WBTV and its bulldog investigative reporter Nick Ochsner.) SPEAKERMOOREPORTRAIT
  • Do you know me?   According to the Moore campaign report, the campaign cut three checks, between April 8 and June 6, totaling $7373.82 to American Express.  Again, there is NO campaign opponent at all this cycle. 
  • On April 5, the campaign cut a check for $2400.00 to “Moore Properties of Kings Mountain” for “Raleigh rent.”   We established in previous posts on this site that “Moore Properties ” is owned by Speaker Moore and that its official address is the same as the speaker’s Kings Mountain law firm.  Like other legislators, Moore received per diem payments from taxpayers to cover food and lodging while the legislature is in session.