#ncga: Dixon to fill Jeter’s leadership post? New job in Raleigh for Jeter?

download222My magic 8-ball  (which has a lot of friends in and around the legislative building) tells me state Rep. Jimmy Dixon (R-Duplin) is speaker Moore’s favorite to fill the vacancy in leadership left by the resignation of Charles Jeter.  Jeter had been chairman of the House Republican Conference — which put him in a major position of influence over GOP caucus proceedings, candidate recruitment, campaign strategy and fundraising.  

The American Conservative Union had ranked Jeter as the most liberal member of the House GOP caucus.  Many conservatives were rankled by that fact, coupled with his presence in that leadership position.  Civitas Action had Jeter ranked right in the middle of the entire House (56th out of 120) and a conservative ranking of 66.7 out of a possible 100.   Dixon ranks pretty close to the now-departed Jeter, at 32nd out of 120 and a conservative ranking of 71.4 out of a possible 100.  

I hear conservatives around the legislative building would much rather see Jeter’s slot filled by someone like Reps. Bert Jones — a well-liked, respected conservative — or Jeff Collins.jeter

There are also pretty serious whispers that House leadership is seriously considering hiring Charles Jeter to head the House GOP caucus campaign fund.  (Remember, Jeter has a lawsuit hanging over his head and a possible probe into allegations of vote fraud.) That talk has plenty of GOP insiders concerned.  Said one to me: 

“That guy has problems.  They’re not mine.  They’re not ours.   And we don’t need to have him out there right now as a representative of the caucus.  We all need to pray for him that he can get things right with his life.  But we don’t need all that extra drama he’s carrying with him.”

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  1. Jeff Collins is a friend of President Obama’s green energy policies, so he would be great! On another of President Obama’s issues, undocumented immigrants, Collins is also great. He supported NC drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants.

    It will be good to see another progressive Republican fill Jeter’s leadership position. Things like that help us advance President Obama’s agenda in the NC legislature.

    1. In a more detailed examination, both Collins and Dixon have each sometimes been on both sides of the key green issues. An even better choice might be John Szoka or Bob Steinburg. Of course, Jason Saine or Kelly Hopkins would also be ideal. They would be strong voices for President Obama’s green energy policies.

    2. Jeff Collins is one of the top 6 most conservative Republican House members. There are far too many ignorant people that write in.

      1. There is only one issue that is important over all others and that is promoting President Obama’s green energy agenda. It would be nice to have politicians progressive on other issues, especially other environmental issues, and some of our progressive Republicans are. But if they want to cast throwaway votes on unimportant things like social issues as a smokescreen for the activists of their own party, that is okay with us, even if they want to posture as conservatives outside our issue.

        Take Andy Wells in the Senate. He is on Jay Faison’s payroll for his campaign account, as well as of our friends at the green energy PAC. Andy not only votes solidly for President Obama’s green energy agenda, but he also is out front being a PR flack for our green agenda, too. Andy is all-in with President Obama’s green energy agenda. Yet in the last legislative session, he was the only 100 on the Civitas rating and can claim to be the most conservative member of the Senate. That was largely due to the fact that there were no green energy votes he had to cast that session, but with people like Andy Wells, we have our camel’s nose under your tent.

        With our green energy issue, we will drive up your electric rates, as President Obama said, making them ”necessarily skyrocket” and this is one of the most important parts of President Obama’s agenda. We are happy to have your progressive Republicans back the president on this issue, whether or not they are also progressive on other things.

        I haven’t checked on this, Gary, but I’ll bet you are one of those Republicans who is tight with one of the two progressive Republican consultants who are in the pocket of our hard core environmentalist movement, Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker. Your votes for President Obama’s green energy agenda will be appreciated.

  2. I was going to make a counter arguement about the FALSE information from some of your puny little out of sight chicken-shit “8 ball friends” who don’t have the “balls” to identify themselves and show their true character in sunlight that I would even consider the Jeter position but then I remembered some advice from a wise man; “If you see a man arguing with a rock, it ain’t the rock’s fault.” Hope all you little minded parasites have many good days ahead arguing with your pathetic selves.

    1. Puny little out of sight, but here you are.
      Also, I’ve been Brad McNeill for as long as I can remember, and in sun light every day.

    2. Rep. Dixon

      Please change your party affiliation from R to D. I think you will fit in better on the other side

      Feel free to call the good republicans/conservitives more names you will just make yourself look worse

    1. That is how the NC GOP rolls yo’.

      I assume it is not some troll posing though. No way to tell….so he could be some out of sight in the dark 8-baller.

    1. So with that confirmation. What a classy response. But as I said….that is how the NC GOP rolls. There must be some truth then to your story, not that I would doubt it, to hit such a nerve with him.

  3. A bit off subject but when can we expect the Cty. Party to recommend a replacement for Jeter?
    Will be a good test for the Liberal leadership in the House and can certainly send a strong message to us and if necessary to prepare for the next election cycle.
    Ron Margiotta, Wake Cty.

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