#ncga: ONE more?

download222Jimmy Dixon (R-Duplin) is chairman of the House Agriculture committee and vice-chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.  He’s a powerful guy who gets a lot of attention from folks with business in front of The General Assembly.  He, like his colleagues Messrs. Moore, Saine, and Hastings, also has some curious things going on with his campaign finances.

Dixon was unopposed in the March primaries.  and does not have an opponent in the November general election.  Yet, his latest campaign finance filings show that — for the current election cycle  — his campaign has taken on $105,000 in loans and spent $126,088.61.    Again, this was all done with NO primary or general election opponents.

  • LOANS FROM BB&T.   The DIxon campaign reports taking on a $50,000 signature loan on June 26.  On April 11, the campaign took on another signature loan for $5000.  (The campaign paid back $500 of that April 11 loan on June 13.)   The campaign also identifies another signature loan — with no origination date — of $50,000.   
  • SPENDING. Of the $126,088.61 in campaign spending, a subtotal of $50,000 can be attributed to donations to the House Republican caucus.  According to the Dixon campaign’s reporting, the campaign wrote a $25,000 check on March 1, a $15000 check on March 2, and a $10,000 check on April 13.
    His campaign wrote a $2,500 check to Nelson Dollar on February 17 and one for $1000 to David Lewis on February 19.  (Both Lewis and Dollar were involved in bitter primaries with conservative challengers at the time.)