#ncpol: Dallas. Is. SORRY. (Really. A-gain.)

Woodhouse-1With President Truman, the “buck” stopped “here.”  At NCGOP headquarters, it apparently stops with the interns. 

One again, North Carolina Republicans are having to endure embarrassing publicity brought on by that hot-mess-with-the-name-from-Texas.™  Dallas Woodhouse was front-and-center in the smear campaign against his former boss Hasan Harnett.  He TRIED to smear WBTV’s investigative bulldog Nick Ochsner.    He got caught sending out info under Harnett’s name, without Harnett’s permission.  (We actually got an apology from him on that one.)  Oh, and let’s not forget Carolina Rising

Now, Grandpa Robin has apparently nodded off again and the90 kids have made some mischief that has caught the driveby media’s eyes.  You may have heard about the notorious tweet from NCGOP HQ bashing Tim Kaine for allegedly wearing a Honduras flag pin instead of an American flag pin.  It turns out that he was wearing a pin honoring his active duty Marine son — which doesn’t look a thing like the Honduras flag, by the way. 

With all of the action in North Carolina, Dallas and the kids HAD to go stick their nose into Donald Trump’s affairs — which the NY billionaire appeared to have been handling just fine. 

Apparently, Grandpa Robin woke up and got word to uncle Art and uncle Pat about what the kids at NCGOP HQ had done.  So, Dallas apparently got called on the carpet and made to offer up the following on his Facebook page:


feuding-brothers-800Out in the real world, a person who screwed up with the frequency and magnitude Dallas has would have been terminated aeons ago.  Any Republican victories in North Carolina in November will be IN SPITE OF this guy’s continued employment and existence. 



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  1. The buck stops with the NCGOP Central Committee, their rotten hires, their lawless actions, and their contempt for the rank and file of the NCGOP.

    1. bingo district conventions cannot happen soon enough to try to replace some of the district chairs that are enemies to conservatism in our party that is if SMOD2016 does not fix earths problems sooner

      1. Amen for this response. A total overhaul of the State GOP is not only needed the public demand it.

  2. I owe no allegiance to this illegitimate regime that has given us this constant stream of embarrassing, stupid, incompetence. The NC GOP sucks.

  3. ” Unqualified apology”. I’m not sure what that is. How about an unequivocal apology. It seems that fits the attempt.

    Browny Douglas

  4. Was Dallas sober when he did that? While at least Dallas was attacking Democrats this time, which is an improvement over his past conduct, when you go off half cocked without getting your information straight you end up with egg on your face. We need to eliminate the walking embarrassment known as Dallas Woodhouse.

  5. Perhaps Woodhouse was sober, and just needs English lessons, in addition to some on ethics and integrity.

    “As Executive Director, we…” How many personalities does he speak for?

    “The members of the staff that invoked…” What does that even mean?

    And… that “accountability” he speaks of? Many of us would love to see that from NCGOP.

  6. I am new to North Carolina and I am also new to the conventions. While new to the conventions, I am well-versed in parliamentary procedures and tactics. I went to the North Carolina GOP convention as delegate. I was trouble to see the tactics used to squelch dissension at the convention. Ive seen these same tactics used in my union in New York City. I questioned the removal of Chairman Harnett on the floor of the NC GOP convention, asking why he in on what grounds the committee decided to usurp chairman Harnett’s position as chair. A fair enough question I thought. however the acting chair told me that they couldn’t discuss it according to their attorney.I also watch as time after time they’re used their people well planted in the delegate body to quash questioning of issues they didn’t want to discuss to move the question, table, etc. Like I said I’m well aware of these tactics but in a body of so many that don’t it’s hard to push those who do and most don’t understand that the wool has just been pulled over their eyes.
    Then there was the RNC, I was elected as an alternatie delegate. The first day, I watched in disgust as the Chair blew through the rules as oft here was no one else on the floor then those who agreed with the party line. Of course there was and the vote on the floor was clearly split in half from where I Was sitting in the alternate delegate seats. However, twice the chair put the vote to the floor of the delegates, and twice in his opinion the eyes had it. Even when delegates in opposition called for a roll call vote the chair in his opinion claimed that the ayes had it when it was clearly undecipherable.
    At one point the grassroots got together and members of 11 delegations signed a petition for a roll call vote on delegates being able to vote their conscience and not be bond.
    North Carolina delegates who signed the petition came under harassment by the party chair, and his henchmen, including our boy Dallas Woodhouse.
    They have to Ted Cruz spoke at the convention, two of our Cruz crew were approached by chairman robin Hayes. These two delegates had flown to the convention with Chairman Hayes at our morning breakfast. I was sitting right next to one of them and heard the whole exchange. Chairman Hayes came up to themand ask them what they thought of Senator Cruz’s speech, stating that he thought it was a disgrace. When one of the delegates stated that he thought the speech was fine, chairman Hayes told them they would have to find another way home that he would not be flying them.
    Now maybe I’m wrong, but that is hardly a way to unite the party.
    Because of the things I am seeing first hand, I am looking seriously into leaving the party.

    1. That is exactly what we in the GOPe want you to do. You little people in the so-called grassroots should just take your marbles and go home. Let those of us in the elite run things the way we want. Don’t go away mad; just go away.

      You little people may have beaten us in the National Committeeman’s race at the state convention, but we pulled some fast ones to narrowly hang on to the National Committeewoman. The more of you who go away will help us hang on to the state chairmanship next year and all of those district chairmen who are in our pocket.

    2. If you want to make a difference, inside or outside the Party, there’s two options according to a friend of mine who is pushing them in sequential order. None of those options is to just become unaffiliated. That accomplishes exactly nothing.

      1. Stay inside the Party and attempt to elect real conservatives and reformers to the District Chairmanships next spring as Patrick has pointed out.

      2. If Option 1 fails, immediately join the NC Constitution Party and work to enlarge it such that the NCGOP can no longer elect anyone at the statewide level. That should send a message that merely becoming Unaffiliated won’t.

    3. Ditto but not before I ensure that Burr and Tillis are out and Hayes along with six other’s are gone!

    4. I am hoping that the Haymaker will do a piece about the treatment of the NC Cruz delegates and alternates. I’ve heard what happened from several people. Shameful tactics and they’d best be glad that I moved back to VA because if I’d been in Cleveland I wouldn’t stop trying to expose how they acted. And to think I’ve been bragging about the NC GOP (until this year).

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