#ncga: (*SIGH*) Another one.

FullSizeRender-150x150It looks like Jason Saine has some company.   Senator Fletcher Hartsell has been dragged into court for alleged abusing his campaign funds for personal benefit.  Jason Saine — chairman of the powerful House Finance Committee — has not.  State Rep. Kelly Hastings — a close ally of Speaker Tim Moore like Saine — also had no primary opposition and has NO general election opponent.   Yet, his campaign finance report indicates $76,709.56 in “campaign expenditures” during an election cycle when he has no one to run against. 

Here are some, um, highlights from Hastings’s latest reports:

  • Four payments to Hastings, himself, from 4/6 to 5/27/16  totaling $1295.99  for “reimbursement for monthly debt incurred”  (Hmmm.  Car Payments?)
  • Multiple payments to Hastings, himself, from 2/1 to 2/28, totaling $1749.85 for “reimbursement of in-kind contributions”  (I thought the whole idea of an in-kind contribution was that it was a donation of something material that you don’t expect payment or “reimbursement” for.) 
  • Payments of $1560.00 on July 31, and $1680.00 on August 30, to Hastings, himself, for “food subsistence etc.”  (Note: The taxpayers — US — provide per diem payments to cover expenses like this for legislators when the General Assembly is in session.)
  • And HERE is a doozy:  A 9/30/15 payment to Hastings, himself, of $493.85 for “extra miles in Raleigh, postage & Shelby Rotary fee.”

its_mine_mine_mineAll of you guys and gals in the GOP caucus who are facing tough fights for reelection, and are being pressured to raise money for a nearly-depleted caucus campaign fund, need to show your, um, *appreciation* to Saine, Hastings (and others to be named later).  Instead of blowing all of that unneeded campaign money on iPads, suits, plane tickets, YOURSELF, and dinners, donating it to much needier colleagues might have been the more ethical, lawful thing to do.  

4 thoughts on “#ncga: (*SIGH*) Another one.

  1. Now you are raising questions about another of the key progressive Republicans who are instrumental in pushing President Obama’s green energy policies in the NC legislature, Kelly Hastings. Kelly Hastings helps President Obama’s policies so well, we might as well make him an honorary Democrat.

    A lot of that money Hastings spends on himself comes from us in the green left. We don’t care how he spends that money as long as he stays bought for President Obama’s green energy agenda. He can take a fact finding Caribbean cruise with in for all we care.

    1. Did he also vote for that Progressive “public private partnership” toll road deal pushed by Thom Tillis?

      Oh, and the “Christmas wish list” bond scam that was illegally campaigned for with taxpayer dollars? I bet he was in on that one too.

  2. Another member of Tiny Tim’s little “cabal”. The other 2-3 (and we all know who they are) better be sleeping with one eye open. The Feds are coming …. hoorah hoorah….

    1. NC is a target state, so we know that Obama’s Department of (Political) Justice under Gruppenfuehrer Lynch will be looking to find GOP elected officials to ”lynch” just before the election to try to hurt Republicans up and down the ticket. Those idiots who have played fast and loose with their campaign accounts would seem to have big bullseyes on their backs. I hope they do not take anyone else down on election day besides themselves.

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